HIP Picks: New Videos from Milky Chance, Star 2, and more | 12/10/2021

HIP Picks: New Videos from Milky Chance, Principe Valiente, and more | 12/3/2021
December 13, 2021
How Do You Have A Hit Song? Jim Peterik – HIP To The Scene EP. 8
December 17, 2021

New This Week: “Love Again” music video from Milky Chance, plus new music videos from Star 2, Bruce Lii, Jim Waneka, Maurya Sevak, and TheDropout Spectrum

Rap, EDM, country, and more… we’ve got quite the variety of genres to share. The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“Love Again” Music Video: Milky Chance (Pop)

Following “Tainted Love”, Berlin’s effortlessly winning Milky Chance have share another visual from their recent release Trip Tape. The video for “Love Again” (directed by Marleen Valien) shows the duo exploring their city and enjoying each other’s company.

“Real Life” feat. Lil Poppa Music Video: Star 2 (Rap)

Born in a Thai refugee camp and now calling San Diego home, Star 2 is bringing internationalization to the hip-hop game. On “Real Life” with Lil Poppa (directed by Hector Toro), he’s bringing something unique to the game, showcasing immense melodic potential.

“OUTTA TOWN” Music Video: Bruce Lii (Rap)

Calling Pittsburgh his home, and with a career as a truck driver, rapper Bruce Lii knows stamina, resourcefulness, determination, and improvisation. “OUTTA TOWN” sounds contemporary, but at heart, it’s a roaring old-school jam.

“I’m Coming Home” Music Video: Jim Waneka (Country)

Jim Waneka may not be a truckdriver, but in his new video “I’m Coming Home” (directed by Michael v. Greene), it’s clear he understands their stories. This country rocker tells tales of loneliness, fear, and exhaustion, alongside the sense of honor and duty and pride for a job well done.

“See It” Music Video: Maurya Sevak (EDM)

EDM is one of the most democratizing genres of music out there, open to anyone and everyone. Case in point: Canadian DJ/EDM prodigy Maurya Sevak was only 14 when he made his first recordings. “See It” (directed by Liger Productions) is the fullest realization of the sound he’s been developing since he first sat down at a laptop.

“Take Off” Music Video: TheDropout Spectrum (Dance/electronic)

From growing up in West Africa to his current home in Texas, TheDropout Spectrum brings an expansive range to his music. Directed by Jeff Adair, the video for “Take Off”, from his first EP ZenStellar, is a neon haze of colors.