HIP Picks: New Videos from Justin Love, Regina Ferguson, and more | 3/24/2023

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New This Week: “No Friends” music video from Justin Love, plus new music videos from Regina Ferguson, Young Holyfield, Waydown Wailers, and Sonarpilot

Spring has sprung and the new videos just keep on comingThe latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“No Friends” Music Video: Justin Love (rap)

On “No Friends”, New Jersey native Justin Love has accepted the challenges of success as part of the cost of doing business. Along with producer ATG, he’s come up with a track that perfectly matches these feelings. The video (which he directed) was filmed and edited by visual collaborator Few Oliveira, and shows a day in Justin Love’s life.

“Canyon Town” Music Video: Regina Ferguson (country/pop)

In “Canyon Town”, Regina Ferguson depicts a wide-eyed, magnetizing exploration of love. It’s more than a mere ode to the beauty of nature; it’s a love song that celebrates the harmony and joy shared between two kindred souls. Mara Whitehead’s striking video serves as a captivating complement to the song’s unpretentious grandeur, as a pair of dancers – Ryan Lee and Ryan Green – gracefully traverse hills behind Ferguson.

“1Concern” Music Video: Young Holyfield ft. Ishadon (rap)

“1Concern” establishes Young Holyfield as a practitioner of hip-hop at its smoothest. He teams up with reggae vocalist Ishadon, who deepns the mood with cool, silky-sung choruses. The “1Concern” video was shot and directed by Cracked Lenz, and it looks like it could be in Atlanta – or anywhere young people get together to enjoy the finer things.

“Motor Scooter” Music Video: Waydown Wailers (rock/blues)

Way up north, right at the US-Canadian border, Waydown Wailers have held their integrity and intention since the early 2010s. “Motor Scooter”, from the upcoming LP Miles of Roads, is a rock bluesy tune that rips with their signature playfulness. The “Motor Scooter” video finds band members Dave Parker and Joe Thomas out on the run.

“Strange Flowers” Music Video: Sonarpilot (ambient/soundscape)

A portal to alternate dimensions, “Strange Flowers” is the fourth episode in Sonarpilot’s The Mirage Project, Season 2. The inseparable video companion (directed by Michael Moppert, aka Sonarpilot, with fractal animations by Roger Mader) offers a stunning visual interpretation of this sonic masterpiece, exploring a world where nature and technology converge.