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New This Week: “Him” music video from Joe West, plus new videos from Slick Naim, Alicia G, Smilez, and MattO

No matter your mood, the right music video can make your day even better! The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“Him” Music Video: Joe West (rap)

Joe West has a voice that leaps from the speakers, equally comfortable on club tracks, radio songs, and roughneck street-corner hip-hop. Shot after shot, he dominates the “Him” clip (directed by Reilly Balcom) in the way that only a star can. As he raps in “Him,” West is determined to re-center rap music upon the northern neighborhoods of New York City.

“In The Vault” Music Video: Slick Naim (rap)

Algerian-American hip-hop artist Slick Naim wants it all, has it all, and does it all.  He reps Brooklyn, NY and is not only an award-winning rapper, producer, and R&B artist, he’s also an Emmy-nominated writer, director, actor, and TV/film producer. “In The Vault”, the title track from his 2022 album, is a finessed flex track paired with a video directed by Reema Naim.

“Scary Slope” Music Video: Slick Naim (rap)

Slick Naim has released four albums, 15 music videos, and over 70 songs, which have together garnered him millions of listens, views, and loyal followers. “Scary Slope” is an intimate look into the mind of a prodigious creative, as he pours his heart out to the camera sharing his struggles of balancing so many interests and accomplishments.

“Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” Music Video: Alicia G. (country/pop)

Country-pop darling Alicia G. has a life in show biz under her belt, and America’s next sweetheart has now signed to So Bold Entertainment and Sony Orchard. With millions of followers watching, “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” takes its name from a slogan she coined after completing a marathon online livestream. The “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” video (directed by Ian Brennan) is sure to launch the next big dance craze.

“Mentally I’m Somewhere Else” Music Video: SMILEZ (rap)

Dallas-born, LA-based artist SMILEZ is one of the most emotionally forceful rappers in the business. Prior tracks have racked up millions of streams, and he also had an epic feature on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s 2020 album Dummy Boy. On “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else”, he raps, “I’m not too proud to ask for help.” The clip, which he directed himself, extends the song’s pensive mood, showing his divided internal state.

“It’s All About Me” Lyric Video: MattO (singer-songwriter)

Rock singer-songwriter MattO calls Zurich, Switzerland home, but his latest single “It’s All About Me” is a satirical commentary on the States. Appropriately, it was recorded at the Lakehouse in Asbury Park, NJ, with music deeply reminiscent of many artistic heroes of the 1970s music scene. MattO’s words are the focus of the emotional lyric video for “It’s All About Me”, created by frequent collaborator Marcello Bumbica.