HIP Picks – The Weekly Client Roundup – Friday 6/1

With Memorial Day behind us and June officially underway, it certainly feels like summer here at HIP HQ. But we’re not on vacation just yet; we’re busy sharing plenty of new music! The newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup video gives you the low-down on some of our current projects, and we’ll tell you a little bit about each one below.

Back in January, we shared Tiny Fighter‘s video for “New Century”, and the duo are now back with the clip for “Hollow Talk.” This time, they’ve partnered with fellow Stockholm artists Alexandra and Silja-Marie Kentsdottir and once again, the clip is stunning. Focused on shots of Therese Karlsson singing, “Hollow Talk” alternates between close-up and wide angles and follows her out of the studio and into the sun as she eventually tumbles to the ground under the weight of her own emotion.

Haley Reinhart is 27 years old, but her powerful vocals, raw passion, and soulful sincerity feel wise and experienced beyond her years. Her newest video, “Last Kiss Goodbye”,  is the first offering from her forthcoming forth studio album and it combines influence from jazz, bossa nova, and classic romantic pop. Shot at the canals and beach in Venice, California, “Last Kiss Goodbye” shows Reinhart as a timeless American beauty.

After a successful run as the driving force behind Phoenix-based band Whiskey Six, Christopher Shayne was ready to start a new project. “Burn Me Down”, the first single to follow his 2016 album Turning Stones, is a toe-curler that encapsulates everything this outlaw rocker is about. Directed by Gordon Cowie, the “Burn Me Down” video shows relatable, real-life scenarios and the disillusionment we all often face. And in perfect form, it takes place way out in the desert.

In her new single “Damaged”, Orlando soul singer MoZaic tells the story of how past relationships have effected her and left her with “baggage” that she now has to deal with. The story is painful and raw but it’s one we can all relate to. The video for “Damaged” shows MoZaic as a goddess fighting opposing forces of her past demons and the universal notion that we all experience this, and it’s combined with intricate jewelry and stunning visual effects that show how she is, eventually, able to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


That’s our list of HIP Picks for the week! What videos have you been enjoying lately? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!