New Music Videos from Janine The Machine, Neko DeShawn, and Talon | Client Roundup – September 10, 2019

New This Week: “Snatched” music video from Janine The Machine, plus new videos from Neko DeShawn and Talon


August is over, Labor Day is behind us, and a new school year is starting – fall is officially on its way! It’s warm enough to enjoy spending time outside, but cooling down so we’re no longer sweltering in the heat. Here’s our latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup- take a look at the videos above, and learn more about each clip by clicking on the links below.

“Snatched” Music Video: Janine The Machine (Dance/pop)

In her latest video, Janine The Machine isn’t just looking good, she’s looking – and feeling – “Snatched.” Directed by Shawn Thomas and Janine The Machine,  it’s an anthem for self-empowerment and body confidence, with an impeccable hook to match.

“Too Much” Music Video: Neko DeShawn (Hip-hop)

Channeling jazz ethos through brass-laced instrumentals and unapologetic realism through direct delivery, Neko DeShawn’s “Too Much” is a take on the busyness of life and how everyday responsibilities can pile up and appear overwhelming.  “Too Much” is the lead single of the Saint Paul, MN artist’s debut EP, The Year 8088. Like J.Cole or A$AP Rocky, Neko’s raps are conscious of reality that bring the listener on a walk in his shoes.

“Unique” Music Video: Talon (Hip-hop)

“Unique” is a present-day rap manifesto, as Talon declares that his fame will be arriving shortly. Inspired by a studio video of Travis Scott and Metro Boomin, Talon splits boundaries while remaining rooted in his faith. In the “Unique” video, which he directed himself, he recognizes all of his blessings from God.

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