New Music Videos from Ready Steady Die! and Lila Blue | Client Roundup – January 29, 2020

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New This Week: “Woebetide” video from Ready Steady Die! and “Half Of It” video from Lila Blue

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The temperatures are cold but with good music things are always heating up here at HIP HQ! Our newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the video above, and learn more about the clip by clicking on the links below.

“Woebetide” Music Video: Ready Steady Die (New wave/electronic)

Morgan Visconti – son of the legendary producer Tony Visconti – is up to something inimitable with Ready Steady Die!, his mesmerizing project with British singer-songwriter Sam K. “Woebetide”, from the upcoming Pleasure Ride EP, is simultaneously sweet, thunderous, destabilizing, and enveloping, combining elements of dream pop, electronic rock, and darkwave into something entirely new. As WeekendClass, Visconti has matched “Woebetide” with a simple, but psychedelic clip, with high-resolution, enchanting aerial footage of the Catskills forests.

“Half Of It” Music Video: Lila Blue (Indie/folk/pop)

Lila Blue doesn’t try to be different, she just is. The young, New York-based artist is prolific: she’s already released two albums and an EP, and she’s got plenty of unrecorded material in her songbook, waiting to be realized. Tastemakers have taken note: her songs have been used in theatrical productions and film, including Lifetime’s Story Of A Girl“Half Of It”, from the upcoming Leave Me Be, is haunting  both in its dark-folk sounds and Steve Jaenhert’s eerie, mythical, heartbreaking clip.

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