HIP Picks: New Videos from Lucia Cifarelli, Jaybandsome, and more | 5/26/2021

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New This Week: “Girls Like Me” music video from Lucia Cifarelli, plus new music videos from Jaybandsome, PIERA, Rob Murat, and Kjersti Long, Rob Murat, and PIERA close when nothing else could. The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

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“Girls Like Me” Music Video: Lucia Cifarelli (Indie/electronic/industrial)

Lucia Cifarelli of the seminal German industrial band KMFDM – and the alternative rock band Drill – is here with I Am Eye, her first solo full-length since 2003’s From The Land of Volcanos. She’s worked with KMFDM frontman and co-producer Sascha Konietzko once again. “Girls Like Me” is the first taste, and the clip (directed by Lucia Cifarelli) presents Cifarelli herself as a mystery.

“The Weekend” Music Video: Jaybandsome (Hip-hop/pop)

Just a few months after his debut single “Looking Up” took over, with airplay on MTV Spankin’ New, Jaybandsome is back with another killer release. In the video for “The Weekend” (directed by Jean claude “poke” Oliver), he puts his swagger at the forefront, from a jewelry shop to the glamorous streets of Midtown Manhattan.

“Cosmic Reaction” Music Video: PIERA (Experimental/electronic/pop)

Piera Klein, a singer, songwriter, and composer from California, and Micah Plissner, a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from NYC, together form the electronic and psychedelic pop duo PIERA. From their debut album PIERA (co-written and produced by both as songwriters, musicians, and producers) comes the new single and music video “Cosmic Reaction.” “Cosmic Reaction” itself is a celestial soundscape paired with an interstellar video (directed by Adrian Arredondo and PIERA) that sees Piera travelling through the corners of the globe and perhaps beyond our earthly nature, as well.

“Love Me Love” Music Video: Rob Murat ft. Adina Thembi (Pop/R&B)

Accredited actor Rob Murat (who has acted opposite Academy Award winner Halle Berry in the CBS TV series, Extant, and currently guest stars on the hit Netflix show On My Block) is a passionate R&B singer/songwriter, too. His latest single “Love Me Love” features award-winning Ghanaian artist Adina Thembi, and the music video finds him making his directorial debut. The duo together command the camera, delivering compelling performances.

“Eleanor Rigby” Music Video: Kjersti Long (Pop/rock)

Fourteen-year-old artist Kjersti Long is dealing with the alienation, loneliness, pressures, and mental health troubles that many of her peers face. Her version of The Beatles classic “Eleanor Rigby” brings familiar themes of loneliness and anguish to the modern era. Kjersti’s “Eleanor Rigby” video (directed by Kurt Thomas Csolak) sees her leading her band with the self-assurance of a seasoned star, while also showing us some of the “lonely people” – in 2021 fashion.

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