HIP presents our new podcast: HIP To The Scene!

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March 2, 2021
Flashback Friday: Peeping Tom
March 5, 2021


When independent artists need comprehensive music video promotion, there’s only one choice. For more than twenty years, HIP Video Promo has been the leader in the business, working with musicians at all levels of popularity and success, covering all genres and crossing all borders. We’re champions of the overlooked and underappreciated, and we’re constantly spreading the word about quality projects. HIP has promoted more than 3700 music videos, and even during the worst health crisis of our lifetimes, we keep going strong.

How has HIP Video Promo been able to stay ahead of the field? From day one, it’s been a combination of our experience in the industry and our genuine compassion for artists trying to navigate its turbulent waters.

Now, we’re sharing what we’ve learned and doing it in the most direct way possible and in the way we understand best: we’re making a video (series!) of our own.

HIP To The Scene, a web series and podcast that launches on our YouTube channel and all major podcast platforms today, brings you in-depth conversations with industry professionals, arts advocates, and music business veterans who’ve devoted their lives to helping independent artists realize their dreams. On HIP To The Scene, we’re giving you the straight scoop: frank discussions with those who’ve been fighting the good fight on artists’ behalf.

Our inaugural episode features a conversation with Jesse Cannon, producer, mastering engineer, podcaster, creator of the popular Musformation YouTube channel, host of Atlantic Records’ Inside The Album, and the man who literally wrote the book on independent promotion. Get More Fans, The DIY Guide To The New Music Industry, his witty, trenchant, incisive strategy guide for aspiring musicians, is part of the curriculum in more than a dozen universities. But what is truly impressive about Jesse Cannon is his passion for art and the tirelessness with which he champions independent artists. The question: How can artists go from zero to 10,000 fans in a challenging environment? If you’ve got any interest in extending your reach, you’re going to want to hear what Jesse has to say.

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And that’s just the beginning. Future episodes of HIP To The Scene will feature a dialogue with in-the-know experts like Rob Schwartz, CEO of WHO?MAG, discussing the proliferation and importance of OTT platforms for indie artists, as well as Steve Gottlieb, owner and president of ContentVideo.net and mastermind behind VideoStatic.com, sharing what you need to know before shooting your next music video.

These conversations will be guided by HIP Video Promo principal and founder Andy Gesner, whose charming, encouraging, relentlessly positive personality is the animating spirit behind the company. As all of our clients (past and present!) know well, Andy is a genial host dedicated to helping independent artists tell their stories. Before he founded HIP, he was deeply immersed in New Jersey independent music: promoting shows at legendary venues, assisting in developing local artists, and playing bass with Spiral Jetty, one of the cornerstone bands of the ’80s independent boom in the Garden State. Andy has plenty of his own tales to tell and his own unique perspective on the industry, and you can expect him to challenge his guests and prompt them to share insights you simply won’t encounter anywhere else.