Introducing Jacob McCarthy

Long Island, New York’s Jacob McCarthy may still be a sophomore in high school, but he has been flexing his musical muscle for over a decade. The product of singer-songwriter parents who could sense his passion for music from the beginning, Jacob began singing at the age of four and should regularly find himself immersed in talent and variety shows. Once he caught the bug for performing he began to write his own songs, inspired from his vast library of music ranging from Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Eminem, Hopsin and so many more. He is a versatile vocalist with tone and natural range with the ability to hear pitch perfect.

With this kind of pedigree and dedication it’s only expected that McCarthy would approach music with a maturity that even the most seasoned performer would envy. Take his new single “One Gun,” for example. Most people would not expect an artist still in his teens to have so much to say about the trials and tribulations of falling, and staying, in love. The opening line hits hard and serves notice that Jacob means every word; “It only takes one gun to end my life but for you I would sacrifice.” His pain is real as he sings about a forbidden love that he feels determined to make his own, despite the odds.

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