Introducing Kentish Fire

Kentish Fire above all else, is a band that likes to keep a tongue in cheek. That’s not to say that this four piece synth-pop act from London doesn’t take what they do very seriously. From the endlessly buzzing, energetically charged performances they deliver on stage, to the artful arrangement of every melody carried by overdriven staccato synths, pumped-up bass lines and heaving stop-start rhythms, this is a band who pours a painstaking amount of work into making sure their indie dance anthems will keep you hooked.

Yet central to their work is the unfailing ability to poke fun at their own endeavours, if not the music industry as a whole. With their new video for “In Our Band”, filmed with a revolutionary 360° camera, they present “eccentric, parody-filled, offering of synth-pop goodness” in the words of Gigslutz. The song covers the story of a group of musicians who have been forced to resign themselves to performing as a cover band to make ends meet. Their dreams of success are dashed as they find themselves regurgitating generic cover songs and taking requests. The song, led by lead singer Michael, is taken over by bassist Anna as she names a long list of cover songs, strung together with an irreverently cheeky rap delivery.

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