Justina Valentine Drops it Like It’s Hot with new single, “Let the Birds Fly” feat. PYRMDS

In case you haven’t caught on by now, Justina Valentine is an artist that likes to push the envelope. Since we first introduced her to our viewers with her “Halloween” video last year we’ve seen her develop from an artist experimenting with the mixture of pop and hip-hop production to compliment her soulful vocals that would make any Motown artist green with envy. Then came “Unbelievable,” “That Ring,” and “Glitters (Ain’t Gold),” all of which came from her Valentine EP, and through her collaboration with director Brandon Ripley also an increasingly sophisticated visual presentation including, but not limited to fully body gold glitter, a Maleficent-esque costume prowling beneath the 12th Ave. viaduct in Harlem, and simple diner waitress in New Jersey. Now hold on tight as we introduce you to “Let the Birds Fly.”

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