Introducing… Nubian


Lyrical Disciplez Entertainment presents the hottest new female rapper, Nubian. With a style that is like no other, this lyrical genius’ voice compliments fresh, rhythmic beats. HIP Video Promo is pleased to present her witty and modern new music video “Facebook Hoe.”

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, this rapper has a new definition of fresh. After just recently recording a song and a music video with national recording artist, Cassidy, Nubian’s music career is taking off. Her buzz worthy songs grasp contemporary rap music and set the stage for modern hip-hop fans.

“Facebook Hoe” is a song that captures the mood of many Americans. Nubian’s stylistic approach to calling one out blends modern rap elements with classic hip-hop beats. In its own way, this music clip is comical, witty, and somewhat enigmatic as it pulls you in. Lyrically, Nubian takes the song to a whole new level—blending heartfelt words of wisdom with a modern twist makes this video a must-see! Click here for the full bio!