Introducing Sexy Heroes

Sexy Heroes are a New Jersey band who deliver the sort of blistering, guitar-driven pop/punk that recalls the classic work of NOFX, Propagandhi, and the Offspring–a sound that has been woefully missing from the mainstream for too long. With the recent release of their new album Yellow Fever, however, this foursome is sure to remind the world how extremely potent this tried-and-true recipe can be. The album’s first track and lead single “Real Life (Not a Read Thru)” is a perfect example: a relentless three minutes of pounding drums, driving distortion, and melodic hooks that you won’t soon forget. Thankfully, the video–a gripping dramatic narrative–is just as good as the song. HIP Video Promo is proud to present the new clip for Sexy Heroes’ “Real LIfe (Not A Read Thru)”.

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