Juno Reactor brings quirky vision to the states

If you’ve watched The Matrix Reloaded, you’ve heard trance band Juno Reactor. They furnished the movie soundtrack, and they’re the ones pummeling the bass lines during fight scenes.

Juno Reactor’s coming to the states on-tour, starting Sept. 20 in Denver, and ending Sept. 28 in New York City. Check out dates and locations here.
It’s definitely worth it to go out and see a Juno Reactor show–the band loves crazy visuals. This includes getting all trussed up in body paint, costumes, and psychedelic images pouring out of huge screens.
Here’s Juno Reactor playing a live set in Tokyo:

Movie soundtracks aren’t the only thing Juno Reactor has in its resume. The band is also well-known for creating innovative sound experiments, with world music influences pieced into the compositions, and artistic vision–Juno Reactor was first created as part of an art project, after all.
The group has come out with an album for the first time in years, titled “Gods and Monsters.” The album, as usual for Juno Reactor, contains a huge smattering of world music, ranging from Middle Eastern to Japanese pop.
But a new unexplored territory for Juno Reactor is found throughout this album as well–a notable jazz influence, with sultry singers that lounge on pianos in the dark, smoke-filled clubs of the 1920s.

The brand new video “Inca Steppa” will be serviced by HIP to programmers nationwide the week of Sept. 1.