Keaton Simons spans the nation

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Keaton Simons

In the past few years, we’ve all turned into worriers.
It’s becoming ridiculous. You know it has.
We’re griping about skyrocketing gas prices, terrorists, the environment, global warming, etc. etc., the list goes on, and on, and on.
But bluesy rock artist Keaton Simons just says, whatever man, and laughs out loud at all the world’s problems in his video for “Good Things Get Better,” located below, which stars an Al Gore look-alike spreading gloom and doom until Simons comes along and sets everything straight. So what if the coastlines might not exist in a few years? The Midwest will become a beach paradise! So what if polar bears are losing their native habitat? Polar bear attacks will be down, because they’ll be too busy lounging on the beach sunbathing to attack anybody.

Like Ben Harper, he uses a bluesy guitar and voice to hurdle across a glowing-bright message–Everything Is Not So Bad As We Always Think It Is, So Chill Out.

And when listening to Simons’ lastest album effort, Can You Hear Me?, prepare yourself for twangy rythmns and hearty, soul-filling flourishes. It’s hard to feel in any way negative when you’re hooked into this CD.

Simons is touring nationwide this fall. Check out tour dates on MySpace here.

By the way, the gas station sign in the video really does exist. A lot of gas stations across the board tacked up these prices as a joke during the past few years of gas inflation to bring a sense of humor into the situation. Check it out here.
Just as an added tidbit, here’s a video of Simons as a guest performer on the Late Late Show below.