Label Spotlight: Saddle Creek Records

Here at HIP Video Promo, we are more than grateful to work with an abundance of amazing artists that push the envelope every day with their mesmerizing music. Being able to assist these artists regularly reminds the entire team why we all became passionate music fans in the first place. But we wouldn’t even have the pleasure of working with so many of these inspiring clients if it weren’t for the fantastic record labels and corporations that represent them. One particular label that we want to shine a light on is Saddle Creek Records from the city of Omaha, Nebraska! For years now, Saddle Creek has sent our way some truly excellent clients, so we wanted to step back and acknowledge how Saddle Creek Records became the stellar organization that they are today.

Back in 1993, Omaha natives and childhood friends Justin Oberst and Mike Mogis got together to form Lumberjack Records, a label that was intended to cherish and promote the independent scene that was developing in Nebraska’s largest city. Mogis surrendered his ownership to Robb Nansel, a local musician, to pursue new projects. Oberst and Robb Nansel then renamed the company Saddle Creek after an iconic road located in the eastside of Omaha. The first album to be released by the Saddle Creek/Lumberjack label was Water, a 9-track attempt by Conor Oberst, the 13-year old brother of co-owner Justin. Although Water was released on a limited run of 300 cassette tapes, Conor’s musical career would go on to be the greatest asset that Saddle Creek could ever ask for. In 1995, the younger Oberst brother would form the legendary indie folk band Bright Eyes and lead the way in developing “the Omaha Sound:” a style of indie rock with elements of country that became a musical staple in the state of Nebraska and would be furthered by Oberst’s fellow “Creeker” Tim Kasher and his band The Good Life.

In 2001, Saddle Creek began welcoming bands that had virtually no roots in Nebraska, such as Rilo Kiley from Los Angeles and as of recently, Tokyo Police Club from Toronto, Ontario. In 2005, Saddle Creek Records funded a documentary called Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek which showcased an inside look at the workings of the company, interviews with the key people who contribute to its success, and rare footage of their bands. Later, in 2007, Saddle Creek ventured onto another creative project: they opened Slowdown, a music venue located inside midtown Omaha and named after Slowdown Virginia, a former band of Tim Kasher’s that would precede his more recognized Saddle Creek group, Cursive. Since 1993, Saddle Creek Records has worked nonstop in providing the world great independent music and has given their hometown a stellar reputation to be proud of for generations to come.

Saddle Creek Records has an impeccable track record when it comes to signing hit artists, and the HIP Video Promo team is more than appreciative of the acts that we have gotten to work with in the past years. Some of these artists include Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Good Life, Big Thief, and Adrianne Lenker.

Right now, we’re working with Saddle Creek to promote Stef Chura’s brand new video for “Scream,” from her new album Midnight. Check it out below!

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Written by HIP intern Bryan Olivera.