Label Spotlight: Slip N Slide Records

Here at HIP Video Promo, we are more than grateful to work with an abundance of amazing artists that push the envelope every day with their mesmerizing music. Being able to assist these artists regularly reminds the entire team why we all became passionate music fans in the first place. But we wouldn’t even have the pleasure of working with so many of these inspiring clients if it weren’t for the fantastic record labels and corporations that represent them.

One particular label that we want to shine a light on is Slip-n-Slide Records from the beautiful city of Miami, Florida! Slip-n-Slide has sent our way some of the most excellent clients that we have ever worked within the nearly 20 years that we have existed as a company, so we wanted to take the time and effort to step back and acknowledge how Slip-n-Slide became the stellar organization that they are today.

Slip-n-Slide Records first started back in 1994 after South Florida native Ted Lucas decided that Miami needed to make a name for itself in the rap game. One of the first artists that Slip-n-Slide brought on was Miami rapper Trick Daddy who achieved widespread success after his sophomore album reached #30 on the Billboard 200 back in 1998. After Trick Daddy, Lucas worked to get Carol City rapper Rick Ross on the label, and hard work paid off when Ross’s debut album Port of Miami reached #1 on Billboard and became Gold-certified in 2006. Ross’s second album Trilla was also released by Slip-n-Slide with mainstream acclaim and once again gave Ross and Slip-n-Slide a #1 record to be proud of.

One of the most notable rappers to become recognized for their time with Slip-n-Slide Records has to be none other than Miami’s own Trina. Considered by many as being one of the most iconic female artists in hip hop, Trina first received critical acclaim when she was featured on a Trick Daddy single from the album. Afterward, she released her debut album Da Baddest Bitch in 2000 and went on to release four more albums with Slip-n-Slide that all debuted in high ranks on the Billboard charts. In 2018 at the Slip-n-Slide Summer Bash celebration, Ted Lucas and everyone associated with Slip-n-Slide Records came together to present Trina a plaque commemorating all the success she has had in her career and all that she has done for the Miami rap scene and Slip-n-Slide.

There’s no doubt that Slip-n-Slide Records has an impeccable track record when it comes to signing hit artists! The HIP Video Promo team is endlessly appreciative of the Slip-n-Slide acts that we have gotten to work with. Some of these amazing artists include F$O Dinero, F$O Kash, F$O Sauce, and Sebastian Mikael.

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant Bryan Olivera.