Music marketing tips: How independent artists can avoid roadblocks and get their music videos seen

Are you an independent artist trying to figure out how to avoid all the roadblocks we face right now and get your music video seen? Check out this video for some music marketing tips and reach out to Andy at HIP by calling 732-613-1779 or email

Hello everyone, its Andy Gesner here at HIP Video Promo!

As we inch closer to May of 2020, today I am here to discuss with you all kinds of potential avenues of effective promotion. We appreciate and understand how difficult times are at the moment. So yes, a lot of the avenues we’ve always enjoyed as independent artists, now have a roadblock in front of them. All of these roadblocks are a buzzkill. What I’m going to do today is discuss the avenues that are still open for you here in the last week of April of 2020.

Number one, consider a lyric video. You’ve got the song, now make a great visual. I’m very aware that a lot of the current visual fare out there is of poor quality, but here at HIP Video Promo, we work closely with the client to make it top quality, compelling, and memorable. Lots of clients are considering having us help them with their visuals, where they shoot it and send us the raw footage, and we edit it – so together, we create an official music video.

Number two, social media marketing is another important aspect of any independent artist’s career. And since we have a considerably captive audience at the moment, now is a great time to put focus into it.

Number three, how about pitching your music video to YouTube playlist curators? They are asking for content because of the considerable decrease in the amount of content being presented to them at the moment.

And last but not least, Spotify: if you’ve got a great song, you should have someone present said song to top user-curated Spotify playlists.

So instead of fretting about the avenues that are currently blocked off, let’s seriously consider the ones that are still open.

In October of this year, here at HIP Video Promo we will have been promoting music videos for 20 years! Over that time, we’ve also discovered other great promotional ways to help independent bands and artists really move the needle. To learn more about HIP Video Promo and the services we provide, please give me a call at (732) 613-1779 or if you’d prefer to email, reach out to I look forward to hearing from you!