How to Survive and Arrive: An episode of Greg Hoy’s Limited Mileage featuring Andy Gesner

The world of podcasting is undoubtedly a great way to explore information about basically anything. From criminal investigations to embarrassing stories, podcasters know how to distribute conversations and enthrall listeners. Greg Hoy is an esteemed multifaceted creative and is on the hunt to interview others just like him on his new podcast Limited MileageEach episode encompasses silly anecdotes, achievement timelines, and useful guidance on how to “live a fulfilling existence while keeping your sanity in a world gone mad.”

HIP Video Promo’s President and Owner Andy Gesner was chosen by Greg to discuss his musical resume on the episode “How To Survive and Arrive.” He begins by revealing his breakthrough moments, like when Jim Testa of Jersey Beats named his band Spiral Jetty, “The Best New Band of 1984”. Andy realized the best way to move up the ranks is to make genuine human connections with other artists by “gig swapping,” an agreement for local bands to share the stage at each’s established venue. His time performing led to booking talent where Andy was introduced to people like Ryan Gentle (manager of The Strokes) and Ben Kweller.

Andy soon realized that teaching might be the better option for his career path, and HIP Video Promo was born. He utilized his network and resources and was rewarded with Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” It was only up from there: many record labels tagged along, sending their notable artists to us to promote. Andy and Greg concur that no one has a second chance to make a first impression, therefore, it is important to always submit your best work and get numerous opinions. Further, people listen with their eyes now. Music videos are an artist’s most valuable piece of marketing and should captivate viewers throughout. Lastly, although the music industry is cutthroat competition, never forget to show camaraderie. A genuine contact will last longer and be more effective than a fabricated acquaintance.  

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant Melissa Ng.