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July 10, 2015


Last year Nick de la Hoyde emerged from the Australian music scene to a fantastic reception both here in the USA and all across the globe. His debut single for “The Longest Way” showed his versatility as an artist, straddling the line between pop and hip-hop, all done with pinpoint perfection. He began writing at the age of 15 and now at the age of 21, he has found his voice with the new single for “By My Side.” The song, from his upcoming EP Passion, is a mesmerizing blend of hip-hop and electronica, and the results are undeniable.

Not only has Nick found his voice, he has also found his fanbase. In a short time his social media numbers have skyrocketed. His Instagram just recently eclipsed 112,000 followers, while his previous video for “The Longest Way” is piling up the views across the board, as well as landing on the Billboard Top 40 Indicator Charts. The stars are aligned for him to make an even bigger push in the second half of 2015, and with the newest single “By My Side,” all of the pieces are falling into place.

The video for “By My Side” features the best of both sides of Nick; the master songwriter, delicately constructing melodies and hooks, and the thought provoking wordsmith, laying down and honest and often inspirational lyrics. As Nick delivers his rhymes and flow behind the glass of the studio in one scene, we get to share in the object of his affection in another. We’re not surprised that Nick would have such a young beauty by his side, and as her radiant smile would indicate, she is just as pleased to be in his arms. We don’t need many details about their relationship and their time together, as the lyrics and the message of the song say everything that needs to be said.  

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July 7, 2015

Nick de la Hoyde "By My Side"

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