Our 2020 summer music video roundup!

Break out the sunscreen and get ready for some barbecue! It’s time for summer fun to take off and get the party started. Things may be different now because of the quarantine and all its restrictions, but regardless Americans are finding fun and safe ways to celebrate this special time of year. Whether it’s a socially distanced stay at the beach or a mask-clad lunch at an outdoor restaurant, nothing will keep this summer from coming and staying. And what better way to celebrate the season than to watch some great summer-themed music videos with your family and friends! HIP has always had a hand in promoting some of summer’s most fun tracks, and now we’d like to show you some videos that we think embody the very meaning of summertime excellence.

#5 on our list is a mellow ode to joy from none other than The Waitresses’ very own Chris Butler. His track “Summer Money” takes us back to a time when summer was joyous and not at all complicated. You’d lounge in the sun all day to take in the rays, avoid the chores that your parents gave you, and, most importantly, hope that the leaves don’t fall and end all your fun. It’s a testament to when summer was king, and everyone would go out of their way to make it a season they’d never forget. Conveyed to its audience through a cute and straightforward animation, “Summer Money” doesn’t try to be glamorous or extra. All it wants is for you to have a cool and relaxing time.


#4 on the list is another reminder that summer doesn’t have to be complicated. Nuke The Soup’s “Oceans and Mountains” offers viewers the surefire formula to a fun and easy season that everyone can enjoy. No, it’s not something you can look up on a computer or a phone. To get this life hack, you have to go out into nature and experience the majesty around you. Showcasing footage of gorgeous beaches and landscapes, this video is determined to turn you into a nature freak or at least someone that knows their way around a forest or two. Sure, we want you looking at your screen for a bit, but right after, we better see you somewhere on a hike.



#3 might be a bit bizarre for some of you out there, but hey, who isn’t a bit off nowadays? Toadies’ “Summer of The Strange” isn’t your typical summer track. Instead of taking things easy and slow, this video is a full-on assault on the senses and hopes that you come out of this experience questioning what you’ve just seen. Featuring a crazy chainsaw butcher and a man who likes to tackle roasted chickens, The Toadies hold nothing back in craziness and creativity. This video is more than just a madhouse. It’s a reminder that the word “summer” has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people.



#2 on our summer watchlist is a video that has little to no shame or modesty. My Silent Bravery’s “Got It Going On” is a sexy summer romp full of confidence, bikini-clad supermodels, and guilt-free summer fun. It makes the statement that this time of year is meant to be a little mischievous and naughty. There’s nothing wrong with going out and strutting your stuff and maybe getting into a little bit of trouble. To My Silent Bravery, all that matters is whether you have a story to tell at the end of the day. Let the season of admirably troublesome fun begin!



#1 on our list is a video that really gets into the summer state of mind. “Stand Tall” by The Dirty Heads is your go-to reggae-rock anthem about overcoming the odds and enjoying the life that you’ve got. Following the band as they attempt to bring their canoe to the ocean’s waters, the audience is taught that good times are on the horizon if you’re willing to work for them. You didn’t think you’d be getting great advice from a music video, but that shows how The Dirty Heads are always defying your expectations.

This summer is going to defy the odds and be a time that we all look back at fondly. We here at HIP want nothing more than for all of you to have a great summer, and we hope that these music videos can serve as a soundtrack for all the fun times you’ll have and stellar memories you’ll make. Nothing can keep us down as we march forward and make this the summer where cool summer vibes prevailed.

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant Bryan Oliveira.