Pack A.D. touring U.S., Canada

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April 6, 2009
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April 8, 2009

Pack AD touring

The rollicking, rancorous Pack A.D. is on tour at the moment, seizing the nation with their forceful guitar riffs. They are in the Midwest at the moment, sweeping Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, and other places close by. Next, they will be stepping over the border to go to Ontario, Canada, and will finish up on the east coast, in Florida and then, randomly, in Pittsburgh. Quite an exhaustive list of places. Sounds like they’ll be getting a lot of miles on the tour van.

They were also at SXSW this year, although they haven’t blogged about their experience. However before they left for the big shindig, they blogged a “survival guide” for new bands that were heading off to Austin for the first time. Check it out. It tells the tale of frustration, traffic, being broke, and Denny’s, and crappy hotel coffee.