Preview Raquel Reed’s “The Fast Lane”

Raquel Reed‘s “The Fast Lane” is reflective of her as an artist. The video is vibrant, energetic and telling. It follows Raquel Reed as she prepares herself in front of her vanity then jumps in her car, singing as she heads to her destination. Her car eventually breaks down in a gas station, and she sees a moped that she just up and steals. The next thing you know, she walks into a theater where everyone is wearing 3-D glasses and, before you know it, a dance party ensues. The comparisons to Lady Gaga may just be inevitable because of both artists being extravagant in appearance. But actually, where Lady Gaga is edgy and seemingly always out there, Raquel Reed is bright and colorful in every aspect. Take a look at “The Fast Lane” below and see for yourself.