SHIROCK “New Solution” premieres on the front of!


Could it be that a band can actually win you over in a matter of 3 minutes? The answer is a loud and resonating yes! The music video for “New Solution” is what every “up and coming” rock group strives for and never actually accomplishes until much later in their career. Taking hints from their inspirations, SHIROCK’s video is a performance clip filmed live on location of one of their packed concerts. However, the lights and editing behind this video make even some of the most polished set-filmed music videos a run for their money and dignity. The video takes cues from classic live music video hybrids like Coldplay’s “Fix You,” featuring the album version of the song with traces of live performance and cheering fans sprinkled throughout. SHIROCK knows that rockstars are made in lights, LEDs, heavy fog, and countless cheering fans, which is precisely what this clip is packed with to the brim. What’s more is that all those blazing bulbs cannot outshine the stage presence of this dazzling quintet, as they effortlessly master their crowd and their craft. Check out the video below or on the front of today!