Spread includes rare tracks from Social Deviantz

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August 24, 2008
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August 25, 2008

Canadian rap trio Social Deviantz are back with a compilation titled Spread, released only in the U.S. The compliation features tracks from Bleaky Deky, released in 2006 and from Essential Mental Nutrients, their first album, done in 1996, which is no longer in print and hard to track down. The tracks from that album included on Spread are “Slick With the Easeback” and “Long Range Shifter.”
As usual, Social Deviantz come up to the mic in a dark, stripped-down manner–they aren’t flashy, don’t care about money or clothes. Their rap is bare, stripped to the bone, and real. They don’t mess around with anything other than the music.
Their music is jazzy-smooth, as well as catchy, and it’s hard to stop listening after you started.

The video for “Red Tape” is just as minimal and smooth as the song itself. Check it out below. The artists rap with only a mic as a visual, tuned-in to the lyrics, and focus inward on only the lyrics–there’s nothing flashy here, just straight rap.