Tay Allyn “Mass Text” SURPASSES 1 MILLION VIEWS!!!

Tay Allyn

“Mass Text”, the viral music video hit by the charming and beautiful TX-based pop star on-the-rise, Tay Allyn, passed the milestone of 1 million views on YouTube earlier today! We certainly predicted that this day was coming, but it’s an absolute thrill to see it come to fruition. Tay has now officially joined the ranks of other viral video superstars, such as Rebecca Black and Sophia Grace Brownlee, to name a few.

Since “Mass Text” hit the web a few weeks ago, the internet has been eating this video up, which has led to a ton of press including interviews on influential entertainment programs like The Soup, & Showbiz Tonight, a number of high profile radio stations around the country, and many more exciting appearances are in the works.

We’re rooting for this young talent and believe she has a lot to offer. Go Tay!

If you’ve been sleeping…. check out what everyone’s talking about below:

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