Throwback Thursday: The Lumineers

Here at HIP Video Promo, we’ve been working hard to promote music videos since the year 2000. It’s important to us to help independent artists get the recognition they deserve, and it’s exciting to be on the ground floor with artists that become household names (and with over 3,000 videos under our belts in 18 years, there are quite a few). Every Thursday, we’ll be sharing a “Throwback Thursday” spotlight, where we get to reflect on one of our favorite interviews from a few years ago from our trustworthy clients.

Today we are throwing it back to one of our best success stories. Rewriting the rules of radio, The Lumineers brought folk back in a big way. Combing folk, country, and pop-rock, they put their unique spin on a revived genre. With their talent bursting at the seems, they developed a sound so elemental and undeniable that it elevated them as music legends. Starting in 2005, it took about five years to win the hearts of the world today. Their breakout hit “Ho Hey” was released in 2011 and became the biggest song of the year- transforming the band from a regional notoriety to global acclaim. With the right combination of the pounding piano, instantly memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics- their music cut as deep as Wesley Schultz’s sharp voice.

The Lumineers have been compared to the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and Ryan Adams for their personal and inspirational songwriting skills. The tone in their songs makes one feel sadness but also an uplifting sense of joy at the same time. Combatting different emotions and capturing natural honesty, they take a positive spin on some of their darkest tracks. Being the light we needed in the music industry we got the chance to sit down with them for a HIP Spotlight back in 2012 before the madness ensued.

Check out the exclusive interview here:

Schultz, Fraites, and cellist Neyla Pekarek were hopeful and excited for their new track to hit airwaves, but never did they think their talents would transcend them- especially on their debut. Previously they had been playing at The Meadowlark, a gritty basement club where the city’s most talented songwriters gathered every Tuesday for open mics and one-dollar PBRs.

Unaware of what was going to take place in the upcoming months, these humble musicians weren’t ready for the world wind that was about to come out of their song they produced as a tribute to their experience pursuing music in New York.

Watch the “Ho Hey” music video here:

They wouldn’t label themselves as an overnight success since they spent two years and many months perfecting their craft, but their efforts certainly paid off as the music video was aired on CMT, MTV, and VH1. The Lumineers were soon featured extensively on VH1’s You Oughta Know as well as CMT Edge and CMT’s digital concert series Concrete Country. Gaining recognition at a fast pace, their songs were featured on various TV shows and commercials. The single quickly became certified four times platinum by the RIAA. It was on the Billboard charts for a year and then some, clocking in at #3 for 62 weeks. These New Jersey natives also saw their dreams come into fruition as they sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City. Not only that but in 2013 they were nominated for two Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album. Finally, there was a folk song on the mainstream airwaves that everybody could appreciate- even the critics.

Since the success of the “Ho Hey” music video, we’ve worked with The Lumineers for two more music videos: “Stubborn Love” in 2013 and “Ophelia” in 2016 from their sophomore album Cleopatra.

Just check out their recent success with their video for, “Ophelia”.[/emed]</p>
<p>With their rain still pouring down, they have conquered the radios, charts and their competitors with raw passionate music. Opening the minds and ears of many, “Ho Hey” led them to have a long-lasting and powerful career while they continued to break down boundaries and build their own foundation with their music that turned it’s head to digital production and looked up to something more real. Lumineers proved that outstanding musicianship and songs sung from the heart are always the best special effects- and a passionate promotion company that believes in their vision certainly helps!</p>
<p>Check out a more recent interview here as they talk about their legendary rise to fame:</p>

We’ve been big fans of The Lumineers for a long time, and we can’t wait to see what budding artist becomes the next break-out star. Do you think your video has what it takes to be the next worldwide smash hit? Get in touch with Andy Gesner and the rest of the HIP Video Promo team by giving us a call at (732)-613-1779 or emailing us at