SPIN Magazine predicts “Title Fight are going reshape the entire punk genre with their 2nd full-length album, Floral Green” while NPR says that “Title Fight hits the sweet spot between the heartfelt, road-trip-proven pop-punk of Jawbreaker’s Dear You and the melodic post-hardcore of Hot Water Music.” As these glowing quotes imply, Title Fight’s music reflects a higher level of human existence. With profound lyricism and gritty guitar sounds, the band has received honorable critiques by fans of the hardcore music genre. After touring the US with bands such as Senses Fail and Bayside, we can say that Title Fight’s music is timeless, yet honorably contemporary. Performing at music fests, such as This is Hardcore and Sound and Fury, earned Title Fight a spot in SPIN’s 25 Must-Hear Bands at Bamboozle list while gaining highly praised recognition by new fans of their music. We were all inspired by the last video for “27,” but it is with the release of “Secret Society” that we realize what this band has created can be deemed as true art.

The topics and evident themes that Title Fight expresses in their music videos are sometimes disturbing, yet very monumental. In “Secret Society,” we are introduced to a world of chaos and self-destruction and even murder that occurs within one young girl’s life. Shot entirely on a VHS camcorder, the video rocks out a sort of Carrie-meets-indie-rock-meets-home move vibe. The plot turns obsessive, gory, and ironic, but as a viewer, you won’t be able to peel your eyes away. Maybe it’s the wild video, or maybe it’s the heavy hitting song. Either way, it is a strong example of the intricate time these band mates have put in to create songs filled with impressionable images. “Secret Society” is a song that utters the gritty elements of contemporary hardcore music through powerful vocals and strong rhythm.