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Rock Davis
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September 10, 2015


Earlier this summer, we brought you the new “Love You Down” video by New Jersey’s own Trav Torch. The video was an intoxicating combination of classic R&B and a sultry and sexy subject matter that may have made the more faint of heart blush just a bit. On the new steamy, seductive, 808-heavy groove “Red Bull and Hennessy,” Trav Torch sings about getting it on with his lover all thanks to the delicious cocktail. We’ve all been there, but Trav has a way of making it feel so right and so good.

First, let’s back up a moment. Trav Torch isn’t just a by-the-book artist who gets cheap thrills by keeping the sexuality high in his music. Rather, he’s a standout artist who has studied artists like R. Kelly, Usher, and Tyrese, among others. He’s also more than just a smooth talker, he writes, performs, arranges and mixes all of his own material. This might be why even though he is influenced by the legends he is still able to create a wholly unique sound. Sexy in delivery and production, his new single “Red Bull and Hennessy” is a real banger and the culmination of those efforts.

For the “Red Bull and Hennessy” video, Trav has created a video that is chock full of, you guessed it, the most beautiful women and the most banging clubs. In between shots of Trav serenading the camera, the action is a slowed down visual that exaggerates every hair flip, every slow grind, every drink pour, creating enough steam to fill a sauna. Though this is a professional production with actors and actresses, it all flows out so naturally, and that all starts with Trav and his ability to ooze vibes and sexuality.

We’re psyched to be working with Trav Torch once again to share his exceptional art with a wide audience! If there is anything we can do here at HIP Video Promo to make that happen, please let us know. You can contact Andy Gesner and the crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info on Trav Torch.

Visit Trav Torch
Visit Trav Torch

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