What is OTT? And why should I care? (with Rob Schwartz) – HIP To The Scene Ep. 3

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HIP To The Scene - Rob Schwartz

Welcome to Episode 3 of HIP To The Scene! Our question today is:

What is OTT? And  why should I care?

HIP To The Scene, a web series and podcast, brings you in-depth conversations with industry professionals, arts advocates, and music business veterans who’ve devoted their lives to helping independent artists realize their dreams. On HIP To The Scene, we’re giving you the straight scoop: frank discussions with those who’ve been fighting the good fight on artists’ behalf.

Our guest is none other than Rob Schwartz. Rob Schwartz is the CEO of Grammy Award-Winning WHO?MAG Distribution and provides music video content to over 500 million potential new fans every week. He’s also an ABC editor on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Goldbergs. Last but not least, he’s a dear friend of HIP, and we’re so excited to have him on the show.

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Rob Schwartz is:

  • CEO of GRAMMY Award-Winning WHO?MAG Distribution/SONY Orchard with over 850 releases
  • CEO of TV Networks WHO?MAG Multimedia, iFame TV, and Video Vision on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Play, and all cellphones in the App Store
  • CEO of TV Shows WHO?MAG TVVideo Vision & DMTV reaching up to 500,000,000 households worldwide
  • CEO of multiple award-winning movie & TV production company Chetown Films
  • Voting Grammy Member (Philadelphia Chapter) and Broadcast Pioneers member

Rob Schwartz TV/Movie Production Credits:

  • FUSE TV (Director - Dancin' On Air plus Saturday Morning Fever)
  • ABC (editor - The Goldbergs & Jimmy Kimmel Live)
  • MTV (music composer - Next and The City)
  • FOX (casting - The Four and The Q Show)
  • Lionsgate Films (music supervisor)


These conversations are guided by HIP Video Promo principal and founder Andy Gesner, whose charming, encouraging, relentlessly positive personality is the animating spirit behind the company. As all of our clients (past and present!) know well, Andy is a genial host dedicated to helping independent artists tell their stories. Andy has plenty of his own tales to tell and his own unique perspective on the industry, and you can expect him to challenge his guests and prompt them to share insights you simply won’t encounter anywhere else.