Where are they now? Former HIPster spotlight: Alaina Montuori

We’ve been fighting the good fight here at HIP Video Promo for nineteen years now, and no one can do that alone. Since HIP formed back in 2000, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing, talented, hardworking people here at HIP HQ. Most of us come from a musical background, and many of our former HIPsters have gone on to continued success in the industry, whether that’s making music, working at a venue, working at a label, or any other avenue that they’ve chosen to take.

Our latest former HIPster spotlight is on Alaina Montuori. Alaina worked at HIP in 2006, and now she’s a writer – both in her calligraphy business and in her career as a musician – and manages an after-school program. She’s also the artist behind the caricature of HIP owner and president Andy Gesner that you see right here on our website! Below, Alaina answered some questions for us about her memories of HIP and how she got to where she is today!

Caricature of Andy Gesner by Alaina Montuori
Caricature of Andy Gesner by Alaina Montuori.

What are you up to these days?

I’m living in Boston with my husband and two cats, managing an after-school program, and writing – both in my calligraphy biz and as a musician.

What are the best aspects of your current position?

I love the team of people I work with. In after-school, we are like the cool aunts and uncles of the education world – we get to make messy art projects and focus on the fun.

It’s been said that in the entertainment industry, “experience is a hard teacher: she gives the test first, the lessons afterward”. What hard lessons have you learned to arrive where you are now?

Don’t waste time doing things that make you unhappy. Have some agency in your life. Say no to going out. Don’t finish the book if the first fifty pages don’t grab you. Use your time doing whatever’s worthwhile to you.

What do you remember best about your time working at HIP Video Promo?

The camaraderie of the office, our great boss, being enveloped in music all day long, and going to the post office!

Who were some of the bands and artists you remember promoting?

I’m From Barcelona, The Kooks, Bloc Party.

Listen to Alaina’s music on Bandcamp, check out her Etsy website, and follow her @thealainalynne and @extrasbyalaina on Instagram.