Zahed Sultan brings an eclectic spark to electro/alternative with “Walkin Away”

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October 27, 2011
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It is not obscene or out of the question to assume that Zahed Sultan’s musical tastes and influences revolve around a number of eclectic artists/producers. Musicians such as Radiohead, Bjork, Kanye West, Massive Attack, DJ Sasha, and UNKLE have defined his personal musical taste—they have given him a specific amount of time and space to create a globally spreading interest in the genre called electro / alternative music.

Over the span of five years, Zahed wrote, arranged, and produced a debut musical album that expands the mind and evokes rhythmic feelings through live instrumentation and electronic beats. His album Hi Fear, Lo Love represents his cultural diversity and mixed heritage. His music ultimately tells stories and promises to deliver complete satisfaction to both the mind and spirit. Both videos, “Walkin Away,” and “I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her” deliver dual emotions of happiness and melancholy to a viewer / listener.

In 2004, Zahed’s success began to boom when the house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded him with the 3rd place prize for the Involver Remix Competition. In 2011, the second single from Zahed’s debut album Hi Fear, Lo Love, was added to the “Hotel Costes 15 Compilation” by Stephane Pompougnac in Paris. This is the first Kuwaiti and Arabian Gulf Region track to ever be signed to an internationally renowned compilation.“Hotel Costes 15” was released in late September of 2011. Since inception, the Hotel Costes series has defined electronic music and has gone Platinum five times and Gold 14 times!

The video for his new single, “Walkin Away,” explores ideas that evoke a series of strong and relatable emotions. The concept behind the video brings to light specific exchanges by using two pairs of empty shoes that appear to be interacting around each other, and then ultimately walking away from one another. The objects stand as metaphors for every day scenarios that evolve from personal relationships. The slow and intimate groove of the song captures a certain atmospheric feel that enhances this interesting and mindful video. Throughout the video, you can’t help but notice how the featured vocalist’s voice encapsulates you from beginning to end.. The visual direction of the video helps to expand the significant meaning behind the song, bringing wholesomeness to the delicately crafted lyrics embedded within it.

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