of Montreal “Famine Affair”

of MontrealArtist:
Jason Miller & Nina Barnes
Add Date:
February 25, 2011


Hello programming friends! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff bringing you a brand new clip from HIP chief veterans of Montreal. Being the eccentric kings of indie rock, of Montreal’s latest entry into the music video is as equally genius as it is out of left field. “Famine Affair” is the second single off False Priest, one of SPINmagazine’s prestigiously top-rated albums of 2010 and the group’s tenth full length release.

“Famine Affair” is one of the group’s most socially conventional songs, which, make no mistake, does not make it in the slightest bit expected. In fact, this particular number allows one to focus in on the powerful and exceptionally well planted lyrics of bitter love. The delivery here finds our elusive star Kevin Barnes singing in a surprisingly lower register, showcasing his endless ability, even after ten albums, to find new and clever ways to take everyone unexpectedly into his grasp. Oh and there is a fat, husky guitar that makes a guest appearance in the song that is guaranteed to blow your mind. Sonically, “Famine Affair” is definitely a deviation of what’s expected from of Montreal, yet at the same time, deviation and reinvention is something we all have come to suppose from this group.

The video portion of “Famine Affair” continues with of Montreal’s departure from animated videos, and allows the band to explore their knack for tantalizing imagery in a new medium. In Kevin Barnes’ own words, “It’s the story of a man living in a feminine empire. As a male, he is considered lower class. He is expected to abstain from any social interaction with members of the ruling class, and provide sperm for breeding rituals. Each household is provided by the State with one male, the housemale is not permitted to leave the grounds. The housemale must live in the estate he is assigned to until death or sexual impotence.” of Montreal presents this concept in a way that is provocative but never trashy or inappropriate, allowing the viewers to fill in the Hitchcockian gaps with using their inventive imagination.

Since its release, False Priest, has been highly praised by everyone from Rolling Stone and Spin to Pitchfork, meaning that the band is still finding new ways of pleasing their friends and critics alike. The fans have come to agree as well, charting the album on the top fourth of the Billboard 200. The band will also be busy touring the country supporting the release for a large portion of the spring of 2011.

We are thrilled to be championing the 9th video from of Montreal and our good friends at Polyvinyl. Their video for “Famine Affair” is yet another titillating installment from the kings of cool and strange, and we are certain everyone will find something intriguing about this video and song. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us atinfo@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.PolyvinylRecords.com or www.ofMontreal.net to find out more about of Montreal.

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