Introducing .. Allison Geddie!

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January 28, 2011
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January 31, 2011

Allison GeddieOut of the glamorous city of Los Angeles, California, the city of angels and exceptionally talented singer-songwriters, comes an indie rocker who is as charming as she is delicately graceful in her craft. Allison Geddie delivers the tuneful acoustic number “Fixing Me”, produced by Aaron Dudley.

The song is tastefully packaged along with a music video that finds Allison taking on every image imaginable as she tries to impress a guy at a show where her “other self” is performing. Some of the get-ups are pretty ridiculous and it’s easy to tell Geddie had as much fun making the video as a viewer will when watching it. Of course, she ends up realizing that being herself is the most important thing in any relationship, while the viewer realizes that Geddie is absolutely adorable and that the song is already stuck in their head. full bio HERE!

Check out the “Fixing Me” video below!