Throwback HIP Spotlight: Metric

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December 18, 2020
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Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with some of our cherished clients to film a video interview that helps viewers get to know the artist and learn more about their new music video. Previously called “The HIP Clip,” these videos allow us to help connect artists with the world, as we give some insight and inside information into who they are and the music and videos they make.

From our neighbor up north, Toronto band Metric has been shaking the music scene up ever since the early 2000s. The foursome made up of Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key have followed nothing but their own impulses regarding their music. Their brave and fascinating sound has grabbed the attention of adoring fans all over the world. The album Old-World Underground, Where Are You Now? broke massive milestones, gaining a platinum disc in Canada and recognition from many more fans. Metric is the type of band that breaks the mold of music genres and demands music listeners to pay attention. 

We had the pleasure of working with Metric on three separate videos: the first being the “Gimme Sympathy” in April of 2009 off their album FANTASIES. This clip is a nonstop, one-take shot as we follow Emily to the stage. While the camera rotates around the band, the members all change spots and roles. One second, Emily is playing the drums, and in the next, the guitar playing is lip-syncing along to Emily’s voice as he grabs the mic. From the dressing room to the blue-lit stage, the energy is nonstop. 

That spring, we met up with lead vocalist Emily and lead rhythm and guitarist James Shaw for this HIP Clip video interview. In the interview, they discuss making this epic song and how it came to be, from the recording process to taking it on the road, and finally, the final project. They also talk about the making of the video and how they had had their video after one shot. Check it out!


And be prepared for this epic Metric “Gimme Sympathy” video:


Although it’s been a while since their last release, Metric are still going strong to this day. Their last album Art Of Doubt was released in 2018, and they toured it around the world. They also continue to tour and play American music festivals and were set to headline the CBC Music Festival in May, but that was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out their Facebook to see what they’re up to!

Written by HIP intern Rebecca Karaman.