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March 22, 2024
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March 27, 2024

The “Hands On Me” music video features powerful imagery reflecting Teezy‘s struggles and triumphs. Directed by Will Thomas, the video incorporates scenes of prayer and resilience, symbolizing the artist’s unwavering faith amidst adversity. “Hands On Me” conveys a message of triumph over adversity, emphasizing Teezy‘s belief in God’s ability to overcome challenges. Through captivating visuals and storytelling, the video encourages viewers to trust divine intervention and faith’s power. Jekalyn Carr noticed him at first through his fame on Instagram and was a fan of his song “Reminisce” on his album. They worked on the song together, and her powerful vocals added another critical element to the track.

Viewers of the “Hands On Me” music video have been deeply moved by its message of perseverance and spiritual resilience. Testimonies from those featured in the video attest to its transformative power, highlighting Teezy‘s ability to inspire and uplift through his artistry.

Throughout Teezy‘s career, he has garnered positive feedback from both fans and critics alike, with many praising its authenticity and emotional depth. Teezy‘s portrayal of his journey resonates with audiences seeking music that transcends mere entertainment, offering a source of hope and encouragement.

Cheflodeezy feat. Marchy Chin “Rough Sex”

Cheflodeezy’s newest track “Rough Sex” is a stark change in style from his previous music, featuring seductive and erotic beats, as well as lyrics that colorfully portray the song’s subject matter. The song’s beats were initially given to Cheflodeezy by 23-year-old Grammy-Nominated music producer Benjii Yang during the pandemic. After experimenting with the material and recording “Rough Sex” by himself, he and the team at Artekal reached out to fellow Jamaican dancehall artist and international sensation Marcy Chin to collaborate on the remix of the original track. Together, they perform with incredible chemistry, and convey to the audience their deepest and darkest desires, with no restraint on how vividly they paint the picture with their lyrics.

Director Steven Barnard perfectly captures the essence of the track in its accompanying visuals. Shot in a remote location in the Californian desert, the music video for “Rough Sex” follows Cheflodeezy and Marcy Chin to a seemingly abandoned gas station, where they stop to presumably let their innermost fantasies play out. The visuals interchange between the duo singing outdoors and becoming intimate inside the gas station store. Even though the song may appear to be celebrating this style of love-making, the music video makes it clear that there is a level of shame between the artists for acting on their primal desires, such as prominently displaying a neon cross on the wall while they perform inside. It raises the question of how far we should let ourselves go to satisfy our sexual itches.

The Infamous HER “Make You Mine”

But the true focus (and namesake) of The Infamous HER is singer and songwriter Monique Staffile, whose fearlessness, impertinence, passion and good humor gives this band its unforgettable personality. On “Make You Mine,” Monique is single-minded, intense, fiery, and self-assured — and just when listeners think they’ve got her pegged, she flips an entire verse in flawless French. Not for nothing is she calling her latest album Hula Hoop.  She’s making music that’s classic, and sexy, fun, flirty, and hip-swiveling.

Monique is, naturally, the focus of David Dutton’s surreal clip for “Make You Mine.” But since The Infamous HER believes strongly in the path of excess, Dutton isn’t satisfied giving the viewer one image of the singer. Instead, he fills his footage with Moniques — often many at a time, interacting with each other, declaiming to the viewer, illuminating every frame like a struck match lights up the darkness. She and her bandmates are present at a house party that looks like it’s loads of fun, even if it’s impossible to place the date and time of the gathering. The fashions, the furnishings, and even the faded tone of the footage all suggest we’re in the 1980s, but the spinning camera and the pure energy of Monique belongs to no era in particular. It’s everywhere and every-when at once: wherever rock true believers are, that’s where fans will find The Infamous HER.

Karen Atkins “Somebody”

Where does that quiet swagger come from? Atkins has the balance of the person who is properly centered and wide open to the universe, and that generosity is audible in the music she makes. From its first piano chords to its last ringing strum, “Somebody” is all brilliant positivity, exuberance, and wide-eyed wonder at sudden romantic happenstance and the certainty that we can experience right now the kind of world we want live in, even when others tell us it’s not possible. Atkins’ self-directed video for “Somebody” tells a similar story. The camera captures the star on a beach in Mexico, watching the sunrise, descending the steps of a lovely local haunt, making friends, and shining with excitement and hope. It’s a gorgeous day she’s showing viewers — one filled with promise and opportunities to be seized. Wherever she goes, she turns her roving lens on other people; travelers and locals alike share in a joy that can’t be contained. Atkins approaches the camera like it’s an old friend she hasn’t seen in a while, and she can barely restrain her affection and enthusiasm. She smiles, her friends smile, strangers smile, and before long, the whole world feels like it’s smiling right back.

Belle VEX “Nobody, But Me”

In his latest single, “Nobody, But Me,” Belle VEX channels his discontent with the pervasive negative influences within the music industry. This emotional journey serves as a declaration of independence, a commitment to staying true to his roots in a sometimes corrupt industry. The track extends beyond the music scene, offering words of encouragement to those under pressure to conform in any environment.

The accompanying music video is a visually striking piece of content that amplifies Belle VEX‘s message. Incorporating the acerbic words from his recent lyric video as background visuals, he skillfully crafts a narrative that goes beyond the auditory experience, resonating with those struggling to fit in. With Social Media becoming such a perceived integral component of an artist’s creative journey, Belle VEX emphatically eschews this current marketing schematic and longs for the old school methods of communications, where human connection is more palpable. With his unique blend of authenticity and bold brashness, Belle VEX emerges as a refreshing force in the “fake it till you make it” music industry, urging listeners to embrace their individuality.

Duprai Marcel “My Baby”

In “My Baby,” Duprai is longing for a loving connection that pays him back in all that he does. With a simple guitar riff, piano, and some hand-produced percussion, Duprai can tell a multi-layered story with just a few elements. His small instrumental and vocal group produces so much power, allowing the listener to feel every morsel of the emotions he is feeling. He tires himself to make sure his relationship stays afloat, but often his partner makes him feel like it is sinking. He is so in love with her, that all he could ever dream of is being treated the way he treats her. He questions his commitment, but the mystery of his baby is what makes him want even more. Although he experiences pain and sadness, he cries for her in this deep tone of voice.

The “My Baby” video is crafted as a black and white, 2D, film noir illustration following the murder of a young woman. Duprai is set as a detective trying to piece together the accusations and suspects in this thrilling story led by his song. A beautiful woman is shown as the lead singer of the “Kit Katt Club” having multiple love interests including a mayor and a mobster. Sharing intimate moments with both men through dances and drinks, the woman is mysteriously killed, with Duprai having to discover the killer through evidence. To spoil the ending would be sinful, so it is a must to watch this video to see the unthinkable twist as to who the killer is.

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