Andy Gesner joins Trav Torch on The Trav Torch Show!

Here at HIP, we pride ourselves on the human connection we make with our clients. So, when one of our cherished clients breaks the mold and starts a new path, we’re so excited for them. Today, we’re talking about a longtime client and R&B superstar, Trav Torch. Over the summer, Trav started his own podcast titled The Trav Torch Show on YouTube, where he gives tips and tricks to those wanting to make it in the music industry. 

Although the content is sometimes geared towards independent artists, he started the show to connect with his fans and show a side to himself that they may not have seen. The series is currently nine episodes long, each containing a particular topic geared towards the music industry. Some episodes include interviews and special guests, sharing their experiences and knowledge and stories!

On the eighth episode, HIP Video Promo owner and president Andy Gesner made an appearance. Here, Andy sat down with Trav, and they talked about promoting music videos. Before they get into the topic, they go down memory lane first and reminisce about the first time they worked together. What began with a single video promo campaign has grown into an amazing five-year friendship. It then takes off into the nitty-gritty of promoting music videos and what to do to be successful. Since then, Trav Torch has been hitting the studio hard and released his brand new single “Do It Again” this past October. We couldn’t be more excited about this show and are eager to work with Trav once again!

Watch the episode below!