December 21, 2008

of Montreal DVD in the works

If you’re aching to see of Montreal on-stage, but they just won’t kick it in […]
December 20, 2008

Pitchfork readers vote more HIP bands into greatness

Pitchfork readers showed their admiration for four HIP bands, voting them into the top 20 […]
December 19, 2008

The Honorary Title Christmas EP

Get into the mood for the holidays with sweet talkers The Honorary Title! Made famous […]
December 18, 2008

Frightened Rabbit kind of gets into the Christmas spirit

According to Pitchfork, Frightened Rabbit’s frontman Scott Hutchinson likens Christmas to alcohol–both, he said, make […]
December 17, 2008

Five HIP bands make NME top 50 albums

The New Musical Express magazine has crowned the albums of five HIP bands with glory […]
December 16, 2008

Former MTV employees Courtney Smith and Lyndsay Siegel swap stories on Subterranean podcast

Subterranean employees Courtney and Lyndsay chatter about the ups and downs of working at video […]
December 15, 2008

Jet Lag Gemini appear on MTV Buzzworthy

Jet Lag Gemini predict that one day, there will be a Vitamin Water flavor named […]
December 13, 2008

Rebecca Jordan: Players only love you when they’re playing

Rebecca Jordan, a California native with a beautiful, soaring voice, has brought her take on […]
December 12, 2008

Trey Green: Comedy plus gloom and doom

Trey Green is a strange mixture. His flair for comedy pushes him in-line with comedic […]
December 11, 2008

CSS comes to town!

CSS is headed for The Big Apple. Be sure not to miss their performance, taking […]
December 10, 2008

MTV lays off 300

Is the music industry as we know it coming to an end? After the Thanksgiving […]