Show Alert: Skating Polly with Shonen Knife in Dallas, TX

Heads up to anyone who will be in the Dallas, TX area this Thursday (Oct 2) and is looking for something well worth attending. Have you heard of Skating Polly? Are you intrigued by incredible music coming out of seemingly impossibly young musicians? If you aren’t familiar, it’s time to get to know Skating Polly.  

This jaw-dropping, super talented young female duo, who have an amazing new record out entitled Fuzz Steilacoom (which we highly recommend), will performing at Club Dada along with Japan’s Shonen Knife. It’s gonna be a packed show, so we recommend you get there early.

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Introducing Beautiful Beasts

Beautiful Beasts describe themselves as stuck in a puddle of influences somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Faith No More. Their goal is and has been to create and capture feelings in song that are appropriate to the emotional message of the moment. Sharing with you their feelings of kindness and love alongside the deepest darkest reflections of self. Pop music is how they do it best, they use it to serve the moments cause without apology in a true reflection of who and what they are.

It’s this kind of attitude and transparency that has allowed Beautiful Beasts to expand beyond their roots in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia, and leap into the global fray of talent. But for all the acknowledgements of their diverse influences and approaches, Beautiful Beasts really delivers a remarkably cohesive sound. Frontman Andrew Pope pulls no punches in his passionate delivery, and the band behind him consisting of bassist Matisse Burton, drummer Tyler Campbell, keyboardist Jordan David, and guitarist Andrew Dobrowokski, are never short on ideas on how to take every song and create an infectious and accessible song that hits all the right notes.

The video for “Right” captures the beautiful side of these beasts. A melancholic mix of acoustic guitar, pianos, upright bass, shimmering electric and the unmistakable combination of male and female vocals provides the soundtrack.

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Fire and the Romance “She’s A Devil” MUSIC VID live on MTV’s online portals

Rising NYC-based pop/rockers Fire and the Romance have a bright future ahead of them. Trust us. This week their sexy/creepy video for their infectious new single “She’s A Devil” went live on the MTV Networks websites, which include,, and even

Be sure to check it out, “like” the page, and keep up with what these guys are putting out. Support great music!

Rising Star: Jason Hemmens “Try Not To Miss You” MUSIC VID

LA-based pop/soul Jason Hemmens is making waves in the industry and for good reason. The talented multi-instrumentalist just dropped a brand new video for his fresh single, “Try Not To Miss You” and let’s just say it more than delivers. Here in the office we can’t stop grooving to it. We highly recommend you check it out — and be on the lookout for more from this rising star.

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HIP Presents DeadSleep “As Rain Washes Over.”


Desi Pena (formally of the Long Island based band “ELEMENT”) has taken his explosive metal project “DeadSleep” to a whole new level with an incredible music video, “As Rain Washes Over.”

Be sure to support DeadSleep on Facebook  and Bandcamp.

PREMIERE: PIXIES “Ring The Bell” via

Capture pixies 2

When Lital Mizel and Adi Frimmerman filmed a sleepover in Mizel’s bedroom back in 2005, lip-syncing and dancing to the Pixies’ song “Hey” as a birthday present for Frimmerman’s boyfriend, the two had no idea the clip would go viral to the tune of 34-million YouTube views (as of 9/2014) or catapult the two promising filmmakers to internet cult status. Nor, when the two attended the Pixies’ show in Israel this past June and went backstage afterwards to meet them, did they ever dream a half-joke of offering their services to make another video clip for the band would be met with a green light. But both incidents happened. Conceived and directed by Mizel and Frimmerman, the brand new music video for “Ring The Bell,” from Indie Cindy, Pixies’ first new album in more than 20 years, is available today and can be seen here. The clip follows two girls (Mizel and Frimmerman) traveling with a supermarket cart, collecting discarded items from the streets. With this “junk,” they arrive at their sanctuary in the woods where their “Generation-Y” friends gather to celebrate a kinder, happier, but faded-away world of PacMan, boomboxes, plastic charm bracelets, VHS tapes and cassettes, Care Bears, record players, roller skates, cornrows, mirror balls, round sunglasses and bubble blowers, now replaced by a 24/7, plugged-in mentality. Explained Mizel, “The way we see it, the song is about that moment of ending, where you look back and long for those moments in a time and place that will soon fade away.”

Today was the exciting premiere of the Pixies new music video “Ring The Bell” via Check it out here!

Introducing Robyn McCorquodale

Music Video
Robyn McCorquodale’s musical journey began with a 60 day adventure singing in Southeast Asia for a notorious playboy Prince and his Harem. This is one of the many engaging stories that Robyn loves to share with her audience. In a world fueled by power and excessive material wealth, her lasting memory of time spent in notably one of the richest places in the world, is the vivid and haunting impression of the many sad eyes she left behind, including her own. This life altering experience defined the direction of Robyn’s music career: to write and share meaningful songs that would uplift, inspire and empower.

Her newest release, Sleeps With Angels, is a powerful mix of influences of jazz, pop, blues and country that are all filtered through her formal training as a classical musician. The result is a contemporary pop style that exudes Robyn’s uplifting personality and giant heart. Sleeps With Angels is a collection of 12 songs that celebrates the mystery and joy of life, always championing to follow your dreams and to believe in love. Great American Song Contest says it best about Robyn’s vocal and writing skill: “perceptive and thought provoking … excellent both lyrically and musically … a great talent for songwriting … a great voice!”

With such a worldly attitude and and seasoned pedigree, it’s no surprise that both of her new videos portray such a strong sense of outer love and inner peace. In the “Ready To Love” video, we tag along through all of the butterfly-in-your-stomach emotions as Robyn is on the receiving end of a loving long-distance romance. This uplifting clip is a testament to being ready to find love again and that despite what may have happened in the past that we can all find love. Sometimes he even shows up on your doorstep in Vancouver!

In the video for “I Still Got The Dream” Robyn shows a more intimate and contemplative side. She looks absolutely fabulous as she strolls through the serene coastal landscape, always taking the time to stop and smell the flowers (literally and figuratively). Another striking visual is her painting a banner that states “BREAK THROUGH THE WALL.” This is not only a message to herself, but to all of us. This empowering clip is a stark reminder that all have it in ourselves to follow our dreams and always live for your own happiness.

PREMIERE: Flaunt “Codon (Dipped in Ecstasy)” feat. Justin Jennings

flaunt1 music video
Today saw the premiere of Anticodon Records artist, Flaunt‘s long awaited new music video, “Codon (Dipped in Ecstasy)” via Boston-based Skope Mag! The gorgeously shot clip will take you on a most bizarre, yet strangely beautiful ride that you’ll be glad to have taken. Check it out here!

Sarah Jaffe Lights Up Chicago

Music Video Promotion
Kirtland Records MVP Sarah Jaffe has been on tour in support of her acclaimed new album, Don’t Disconnect, and she’s been making fans by the hundreds. Check out this awesome review of her show recent at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Illinois with Astronautalis via She’s on her way toward becoming a household name. Just watch.

“Jaffe commands the stage in the same sexy and magical way Astronautalis does. She doesn’t hold back, and throws her entire self and emotion into her performance. Jaffee played many songs from her new album, Don’t Disconnect out of Kirtland Records. The set was full of everything from sexy synth to Jaffe taking center stage to sing “Don’t Disconnect” acapella. This was stunning, simply beautiful. It was such a lovely takeaway, to see the softer and more vulnerable side of her. So much so that it gave this viewer the shivers.”


HEADS UP: The Fall Four “Siren Song” on MTV HITS Monday 9/8

fall four music video
We’re stoked to announce MTV Hits will be airing fast-rising Chicago-based pop/rockers, The Fall Four‘s killer new video for their infectious new single, “Siren Song,” this Monday, September 8th. You can catch it three times: 11am, 7pm & 3am, so don’t miss it!

Be on the lookout for a lot more from these dudes in the coming weeks/months.

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