Italian alternative rock band Piqued Jacks release huge new single, “Romantic Soldier”

piqued jacks
Rising Italian alt/rock band Piqued Jacks describe their sound in their own words as “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%” and they’ve pretty much nailed it. The confident foursome, who’ve already performed at SXSW in 2013 and 2014 and incredibly shared the stage with huge acts such as Atoms for Peace and Bob Schneider, are clearly ready for the spotlight and their massive new single “Romantic Soldier”, which premiered on Blank TV is the ticket. Check it out below….

Kentish Fire Competing in This Week’s mtvU The Freshmen Competition!

We’re stoked to announce that UK-based indie synth rockers Kentish Fire are competing in mtvU’s The Freshmen Competition this week with their music video for their ultra-catchy single “In Our Band”. If they win they’ll be added to regular rotation at mtvU!


Brooklyn pop rockers The Davenports are nostalgic for a bygone era and excited for a bright future in their new video “Don’t Be Mad At Me”

Brooklyn’s pop-rock aficionados The Davenports are a band that you may know better than you realize. As the authors of the theme song from the popular A&E program Intervention, millions of viewers have been exposed to their music which has helped the band cultivate a loyal and long-lasting fan base. Since their formation back in 2000 by songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Klass, the band has released a steady stream of music that is pleasing to the ears and to the soul.

Fitting right in the collection between Jason Falkner, Jellyfish and Fountains of Wayne (Klass was also previously in a band with FoW co-founder Chris Collingwood), The Davenports heap a healthy amount of distorted guitar, bouncy piano, intricate melodies and tambourine shaking onto songs that appeal to everyone. The new single “Don’t Be Mad At Me” is a near-perfect track that connects like a modern-day “Martha My Dear.” The verses glide along effortlessly on the back of the piano and string arrangement with Klass serenading on top. It’s in the chorus, however, when the song repeatedly reaches its emotional peak. The guitars kick in, the background vocals sing like a chorus of angels, and the vocals pound away with a memorable cadence that seeps into our brains like a thick molasses of pop goodness.

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Introducing Jacob McCarthy

Long Island, New York’s Jacob McCarthy may still be a sophomore in high school, but he has been flexing his musical muscle for over a decade. The product of singer-songwriter parents who could sense his passion for music from the beginning, Jacob began singing at the age of four and should regularly find himself immersed in talent and variety shows. Once he caught the bug for performing he began to write his own songs, inspired from his vast library of music ranging from Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Eminem, Hopsin and so many more. He is a versatile vocalist with tone and natural range with the ability to hear pitch perfect.

With this kind of pedigree and dedication it’s only expected that McCarthy would approach music with a maturity that even the most seasoned performer would envy. Take his new single “One Gun,” for example. Most people would not expect an artist still in his teens to have so much to say about the trials and tribulations of falling, and staying, in love. The opening line hits hard and serves notice that Jacob means every word; “It only takes one gun to end my life but for you I would sacrifice.” His pain is real as he sings about a forbidden love that he feels determined to make his own, despite the odds.

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Introducing Mr. Moonshine

Mr. Moonshine is a Long Beach quartet with a flare for the artistic and a knack for creating infectious vibes. The band got together shortly after a trip to NY where founding members traveled the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for two weeks. The guys became very familiar with each other having a great time getting into trouble. One night a group of them drank absinthe with each other. Mostly everyone left the bar except a select few from the now M.M. and the following events became their first song “Comfort Me With Absinthe”.

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Introducing TYGAPAW

Dion Mac, better known by the stage name Tygapaw is a Multi-Disciplined creative who dwells in both the musical and artistic realms, from graphic design artist and video editor to musical producer and DJ. Her Jamaican ancestry and New York City dwellings have fused a style that is individual and unique to her story. From her humble beginnings in Mandeville Jamaica her dream of pursuing her artistic expressions brought her to America where she studied Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design. There she befriended fellow musicians who studied at The New School for Jazz, musicians including Jesse Boykins and Chris Turner. It was during her time at Parsons that she began to gravitate toward musical pursuits.

After honing her skills, while working with numerous musical collaborations including her last project the female rap production duo Kowabunga Tyga, she was endearingly dubbed Tygapaw by her bandmate Erika Buestami aka Sumatra Tyga. Through these musical experiences, Tygapaw was able to venture into a new solo project where she describes her sound as ‘Future Slo Jamz’, incorporating 90’s R&B aesthetics and blending it with futuristic vibes. In a world where people sometimes feel censored and afraid to express themselves, “Keep On” is the portrayal of the desire to be free.

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Introducing Damon Hess

The world of dance music is about to become well acquainted with the name Damon Hess. With calculated precision, the fast-rising, multi-talented Sheffield, UK-based DJ/producer skillfully crafts music that will immediately get your adrenaline moving and your blood pumping. In other words, he’s fire-hot and he’s more than ready for the spotlight. With an inherent appreciation and understanding of rhythm and beat, the seasoned veteran of the UK music scene and co-founder of the highly successful, internationally renowned Sheffield rockers, LittleCrazy –where he contributes his talents as the rock solid drummer and passionate backup singer/songwriter– Hess knows good music and what it takes to get the people shaking their hips and feeling good. Kicking 2015 off with a bang, his brand new single, “Want You To Stay,” which features the magnificent vocals of singer, Soph Yates (radio presenter on Real Radio XS 106.1 FM), is precisely what the mainstream dance clubs have been craving.

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Blake Lewis on MTV HITS!

Heads up to all you Blake Lewis fans out there. Today (update: AND tomorrow) MTV Hits will be airing his hit single, “Retro Romance,” so be on the lookout!

Tribute to a wonderful, fallen friend: Rick Brown 1957-2015 – written by Andy Gesner

It was with a heavy heart that I learned yesterday that our dear friend and original HIPster Rick Brown passed away at his home in Toms River, New Jersey at the age of 57. Rick had been battling for a while with numerous health concerns, and was valiantly fighting the good fight to beat them back.

13 years ago when HIP Video Promo was in its infancy, I felt compelled to lean on my good friend Rick, who I had met working on the Seaside Heights boardwalk in 1979, to be a part of the HIP Video Promo team. Our friendship had always revolved around music, and when we worked on the Boardwalk together, all he needed to know was that I played bass guitar and all I needed to know was that he played electric guitar, and a three decade plus friendship was born.

When the band I played in, Spiral Jetty, moved to Ithaca, New York in 1981, Rick came with us. When things didn’t go our way in Ithaca NY and we moved to Boston in 1982, Rick came with us. He was always part of the Spiral Jetty coterie and though he wasn’t playing an instrument, he was always there for logistical help and sage wisdom.

Not only was Rick a walking encyclopedia of music, and responsible for turning me onto some of my favorite bands and artists, all decidedly far outside of the box of musical normalcy, he was always the smartest guy in the room. If Adam Potkay, my bandmate was in the room with him, he was the only person I know who could give him a run for his money!

It’s not surprising that 20 years ago he had the testicular fortitude to try out for Jeopardy, was accepted, and then went on to win twice in a row and collect over $26,000 in cash! There aren’t many people on this planet that can say that they were a two time Jeopardy winner, but Rick could!

Not only was Rick responsible for helping us unveil our first website in 2003, he was there during the most important years of HIP; those early formative years where though sometimes the growth was decidedly slow, it was always steady enough to get us to where we needed to be moving forward. His passion for helping his fellow musical kindred spirits was always an inspiration to me.

There are dozens of amazing stories I could relate to you about the magnificence of this man, but anyone who knew him knows that he was a very special person whose affable demeanor and “always ready to party” aesthetic was contagious.

Rick will be very much missed and on behalf of my staff and I here at HIP Video Promo, we send our sympathies and condolences to the Brown family during this difficult time.



Introducing Losos

Losos is an electro-pop act from Moscow. If you think that cutting edge, contemporary music doesn’t come from places like Moscow or the Russian Federation, then clearly you haven’t been paying attention. This year alone we’ve brought you incredibly engaging clips from Russian artists like On-The-Go, Glintshake, and Riff Action Family. And while all of these artists have all represented some piece of the rock genre, Losos is the first Russian artist we’ve brought that has firmly entrenched itself in the electronic and pop world.

The new single “Nobody’s Feelings” is a pure joy to listen to and approaches electro-pop with a slightly different tilt. While most artists in the genre rely completely on brief blasts of bass looped over and over, “Nobody’s Feelings” is built on a foundation of a funky bass line that slinks through the song like an anaconda on the prowl. Once the rhythm section is established it’s time to build all of the fun synthesizers and vocals on top of that foundation. The choruses open up to a breakdown beat underneath the vocals singing about a complicated relationship and emotional highs and lows each side experiences when love is no longer an option. The song is propulsive and grooving, but keeps a slightly somber feeling throughout. All of this creates a song that will surely tug on your emotions.

The video for “Nobody’s Feelings” pulls the multiple moods of the song and wraps them all up into a highly effective clip. It begins with a minimalist shot of Losos in front of a white background. The instrumentation consists of little more than a bass, a small cymbal and drum stick, and a handheld AKAI midi keyboard. Once the song picks up the narrative begins with a group of gorgeous women in a dark room all clamoring for a lollipop offered up from a mysterious character. Once these lollipops are unwrapped the party gets bumping. Good times are being had until he realizes he has created an aggressive band of robotic addicts. Their glowing eyes and fiery pink hair is a creepy and ominous visual, and we’re not sure of their intent for him. We won’t give away any spoilers, but let’s just say it’s ELECTRIC!

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