Rockin’ good times in NYC with Nasty Habit

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Last Friday Andy caught a bombastic performance by Syracuse, NY-based rockers Nasty Habit at Webster Hall Studio that he won’t soon forget. Let’s just say these dudes live up to the hype! If you’re still unfamiliar with this rising band, we highly recommend you check them out on social media. Follow the link and check out their killer video for their massive single, “Don’t Bring Me Down!”

PREMIERE: Rob Drabkin “Hope In A Hopeless World” Music Video

You know that awesome, warm feeling you get when you hear a song that you instantly connect with? Well, we just felt it. Up and coming Denver, CO-based singer/songwriter Rob Drabkin just dropped a new video for his stunning single “Hope In A Hopeless World” via and it’s the perfect antidote to the cold weather we’ve all been experiencing this Christmas season.

Check it out here!

Introducing Blake Lewis

Even when he was a popular contestant on the sixth season of American Idol, Blake Lewis never seemed like a typical participant in a TV talent search. It’s not that he didn’t belong: his second-place finish demonstrated that he could out-sing nearly everybody on the pop charts. It’s that his interests always seemed broader, his musical knowledge deeper, and his sense of humor sharper and more self-deprecating than primetime television usually bothers to accommodate. In short, while most Idol contestants feel like works in progress, Lewis felt like a fully-formed and multidimensional artist. His post-Idol career has reinforced that first impression. Lewis has worked with mainstream hitmakers like Ryan Tedder and S*A*M & Sluggo — but also adventurous underground hip-hop artists Common Market and trance deejay Darude. Portrait of a Chameleon, his latest album, is a testament to his breadth: on it, Lewis draws from funk, jazz, rap, throwback electropop, and even a bit of pop-metal. This is a singer who refuses to limit himself. He goes wherever his talent brings him. And although America already knows how good he is, he makes sure never to take himself too seriously.

“Retro Romance,” the new single, extends Lewis’s fascination with the sound and the iconography of the ’80s.

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Justina Valentine Drops it Like It’s Hot with new single, “Let the Birds Fly” feat. PYRMDS

In case you haven’t caught on by now, Justina Valentine is an artist that likes to push the envelope. Since we first introduced her to our viewers with her “Halloween” video last year we’ve seen her develop from an artist experimenting with the mixture of pop and hip-hop production to compliment her soulful vocals that would make any Motown artist green with envy. Then came “Unbelievable,” “That Ring,” and “Glitters (Ain’t Gold),” all of which came from her Valentine EP, and through her collaboration with director Brandon Ripley also an increasingly sophisticated visual presentation including, but not limited to fully body gold glitter, a Maleficent-esque costume prowling beneath the 12th Ave. viaduct in Harlem, and simple diner waitress in New Jersey. Now hold on tight as we introduce you to “Let the Birds Fly.”

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Introducing Kentish Fire

Kentish Fire above all else, is a band that likes to keep a tongue in cheek. That’s not to say that this four piece synth-pop act from London doesn’t take what they do very seriously. From the endlessly buzzing, energetically charged performances they deliver on stage, to the artful arrangement of every melody carried by overdriven staccato synths, pumped-up bass lines and heaving stop-start rhythms, this is a band who pours a painstaking amount of work into making sure their indie dance anthems will keep you hooked.

Yet central to their work is the unfailing ability to poke fun at their own endeavours, if not the music industry as a whole. With their new video for “In Our Band”, filmed with a revolutionary 360° camera, they present “eccentric, parody-filled, offering of synth-pop goodness” in the words of Gigslutz. The song covers the story of a group of musicians who have been forced to resign themselves to performing as a cover band to make ends meet. Their dreams of success are dashed as they find themselves regurgitating generic cover songs and taking requests. The song, led by lead singer Michael, is taken over by bassist Anna as she names a long list of cover songs, strung together with an irreverently cheeky rap delivery.

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Premiere: David Lazarus “Love The Way You Love Me” Music Video

Upcoming Australian singer/songwriter David Lazarus just dropped a beautifully-directed, summery new music video for his ultra catchy single “Love The Way You Love Me.” It really makes us miss the beach as we brace ourselves for winter on the east coast here in the U.S. Keep your eye out for this rising talent in 2015.

Antennas Up return with the scariest Christmas video of the year… and we mean that in a good way.

When we last brought you Antennas Up they were presenting us with the mind bending clip for “The Awkward Phase,” which combined wild visual editing and a blast of every stop on the color palette. This after the first clip for “Coming On,” which featured a man in a horse mask running amok through the streets of Kansas City and crashing a photo shoot with sexy ladies and a wealth of balloons and confetti. It’s pretty clear that Antennas Up is a band that does things in their own unique way, and for their new video “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” they take the traditional spirit of giving and happiness and turn it on its head!

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ReIntroducing… Allison Geddie

Allison Geddie is not your typical American girl. Born in NYC, Allison began her fascination with music and the arts. At twelve years old she was already sowing the seeds of what has grown into a love of composing and recording music. Schooling herself on artists like Ben Harper, Alanis Morisette, and Rob Thomas, she picked up her father’s guitar and began instinctually writing her own songs.

After attending school in New Zealand, as a part of her film pedigree she traveled to Los Angeles, Germany, and even Afghanistan. All in all, her travels have taken her to over 30 countries. After her travels around the world, Allison settled back in Los Angeles and rediscovered her calling as a music artist.

At the behest of legendary producer David Foster, songwriter and producer Greg Critchley (whose credits include Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Michelle Branch, and “High School Musical”) enthusiastically took on the task of producing Geddie’s debut album, Everything You Don’t See, which features Nelly Furtado guitarist Mike Krompass, and Goo Goo Dolls guitarist Greg Suran. The notoriety was quick to follow, with song placements on ABC’s The View and All My Children, opening spots for Blue Öyster Cult, Tristan Prettyman, and Justin Nozuka. With her single for “Wait,” she has taken all of the layers of musical vulnerability and intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics to create a song with endless possibilities.

To help accomplish the sweeping grandeur of “Wait,” Allison has enlisted the help of X Factor UK season 7 finalist, Storm Lee, one of the most unsung heroes of the music world with his contributions to everything from Diane Warren to Ozzy Osbourne to performing over 400 songs as a backing vocalist for Glee, to lend a smooth baritone to compliment her delicate soprano delivery. They trade verses with the strength and conviction of artists who have felt the weight of every lyric they sing. When they lock together for the chorus our hearts melt into our stomachs listening to the memorable hook.

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Introducing Zach Bellas & The Company Band

Formerly the leader of the excellent punk-rock/reggae trio Groundscore, Zach Bellas returned as a solo artist, using his smooth tenor, and exquisite songcraft to produce pure and honest rock and roll. A seasoned performer, Bellas has played over 800 shows in 27 states since beginning his music career back in 2007. All of that vast experience shines through in his sure-footed sound. He’s released five albums on his very own label, SMB Records, including his latest–Let Me Out–which is the first one credited to Zach Bellas and The Company Band. Produced by Frank Marchand (whose credits include work with Bob Mould and Nils Lofgren), Let Me Out is a non-stop, tour de force of rock and roll euphoria. HIP Video Promo is pleased to present the clip for its first single, “Hello”.

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PREMIERE: Longfellow HIP Spotlight

We met up with UK-based Longfellow in NYC during CMJ last month to discuss their video, “Kiss-Hug-Make Up.” It was a pleasure to meet these guys. Check it out…

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