Introducing Zach Bellas & The Company Band

Formerly the leader of the excellent punk-rock/reggae trio Groundscore, Zach Bellas returned as a solo artist, using his smooth tenor, and exquisite songcraft to produce pure and honest rock and roll. A seasoned performer, Bellas has played over 800 shows in 27 states since beginning his music career back in 2007. All of that vast experience shines through in his sure-footed sound. He’s released five albums on his very own label, SMB Records, including his latest–Let Me Out–which is the first one credited to Zach Bellas and The Company Band. Produced by Frank Marchand (whose credits include work with Bob Mould and Nils Lofgren), Let Me Out is a non-stop, tour de force of rock and roll euphoria. HIP Video Promo is pleased to present the clip for its first single, “Hello”.

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PREMIERE: Longfellow HIP Spotlight

We met up with UK-based Longfellow in NYC during CMJ last month to discuss their video, “Kiss-Hug-Make Up.” It was a pleasure to meet these guys. Check it out…



Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, rising LA-based songwriter/performer ALEXEI premiered his debut single/music video, “Kingston Blue,” this week and it’s an unbelievably powerful first offering.

The video, directed by award winning writer / director David N. Donihue ( is a piece of cinematic art in the truest form that captures the viewer’s attention right from the get-go. Check it out below and be on the lookout for much more from ALEXEI in the coming weeks.

Introducing Nick de la Hoyde

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Nick de la Hoyde is a triple-threat for the modern age: singer, songwriter, and rapper. And although he may only be 20-years-old, the handsome, fresh-faced de la Hoyde has walked a long road of unexpected twists and turns, complete with sweeping highs and crushing lows. At 15, following his dreams of a professional football career, he moved to Barcelona where he remained for 4 years. He first began rapping as an outlet to express his frustrations, and then moved onto writing lyrics and melodies to his favorite instrumentals. Soon enough, his passion officially shifted from sports to music, composing original songs with his brother Joseph de la Hoyde (de la Aurora, Monks of Mellonwah) and promoting them online where a loyal fanbase quickly developed and continues to grow. (His Instagram account alone has gained well over 60K followers in a few short months.) Catching the interest of Chicago-based Hip Hop producer Lemoyne ‘LA’ Alexander (R. Kelly, Aaliyah), Nick was invited to the USA to collaborate. The first fruit of this international partnership is de la Hoyde’s outstanding debut single, “The Longest Way.” HIP Video Promo is very proud to present the accompanying clip, in all of its stunning, widescreen glory.

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Introducing Jelani Lateef

With a smooth and nimble flow and a sound that boldly brings back some of that classic boom-bap flavor, Jelani Lateef (aka J Fury) is one of the premiere, up-and-coming independent rap artists in Chicago. But the road has been long, winding, and difficult. After cutting his teeth in Chi-town’s battle rap circuit, Lateef’s interest in making beats led him away from the mic to work with other Chicago-based artists as a producer. Eventually, he began managing artists as well. Without knowing the business side of the music industry, however, many of these collaborations ultimately ended in a series of frustrating losses, setting him back to square one. Determined to soldier on, Lateef eventually got back behind the mic, and began his solo career. He formed the Manhood Ent. production company, and after a series of mixtapes began stirring up buzz, he released his first official album, My Soul to Keep, in 2011, making waves, opening doors, and setting the current scene. This past Summer, Lateef dropped the sequel–My Soul to Keep 2–and has recently released a brand new single and video that is sure to turn heads. HIP Video Promo is proud to present the wildly creative clip for Jenali Lateef’s “The Lyrical”.

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PREMIERE: Phantoms “Broken Halo” Feat Nicholas Braun MUSIC VIDEO via

Are you ready for the ultimate runaway bride video? The clip for “Broken Halo feat. Nicholas Braun,” the new single from the Los Angeles electronic duo Phantoms, condenses ambivalence about matrimony into four glorious minutes of boozing, sex, flames, motorbike rides, and fast food consumed while sitting on the curb.  Nichole Bloom plays the bride with delicious abandon — and her flight from the altar is captured in all its turbulent beauty by director Ace Norton.

Phantoms is a relatively new act, but it’s already begun to make waves worthy of Southern California. The duo has been featured in Billboard magazine, toured the country with Com Truise, and is poised to release its debut album. “Broken Halo” is a taste of things to come: a pulsing, seductive electronic pop song with an effortlessly catchy release. The sound is sleek and modern, but the compositional architecture is classic.

Check out the video here via!

Introducing Percy Way

Little is known about the mysterious singer/songwriter Percy Way. On his website, he modestly describes his sound as “a nice blend of pop and edgy rock guitars”, and a short bio gives us only a glimpse of the man himself. It describes him as a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been involved in a variety of musical projects over the years but has finally decided to take the reigns entirely: writing, recording, and producing his new solo project, in order to bring the songs into “a more intimate focus.” He has recently released a brand new single, and HIP Video Promo is pleased to present the simple and striking clip for “In My Dreams.”

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Introducing Alvvays (Polyvinyl Records)

Rarely does a band come along that creates a sound so instantly soothing and blissful that it captures your heart before the chorus even hits. Polyvinyl Records latest signees, Alvvays, pull this off in spades, resulting in an extraordinarily joyous experience for the lucky listener. Delicately blending elements of 60’s inspired indie pop and the sounds of some of the best heart-wrenching female-fronted alternative bands of the 120 Minutes era, within a year of their inception the Toronto-based quintet have already found their sweet spot. Think Best Coast meets Belle & Sebastian. Since its release earlier this year, the band’s self-titled debut record has been met with universal praise, quickly establishing Alvvays as one of 2014’s must-hear acts. Nylon Magazine calls them “…a complete collision of everything we already love: singalong lyrics, a guitar- driven backbone, and a sun-drenched vibe…” HIP Video is exceptionally pleased to present the band’s bittersweet new video for their winsome single, “Archie, Marry Me.”

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PREMIERE: Nasty Habit “Don’t Bring Me Down” MUSIC VIDEO

Syracuse, NY-based hard rock foursome Nasty Habit‘s new video “Don’t Bring Me Down” opens the floodgates of fun and do the same thing their music does: they destroy. The concept behind the “Don’t Bring Me Down” video is not terribly complex or deep, but just Nasty Habit, it’s all about having fun. Set in a rural junkyard the video is a cornucopia of mayhem, destruction, and metal antics. Armed with sledgehammers and baseball bats, the boys of Nasty Habit prowl the yard and go on a rampage that we’ve all been hoping to do ourselves. Spliced in are shots of the band performing with an infectious energy. Hair flips, tongues wag, and sticks twirl as the band blasts through a blistering performance. It’s over the top, it’s energetic, and it’s unapologetically fun! premiered the video today; check it out here!

PREMIERE: The Principal “Shock To The System” MUSIC VIDEO


Australian rockers, The Principal dropped their highly anticipated debut music video for their hard-hitting single, “Shock To The System” this week and boy does it deliver.

The David N. Donihue-directed clip, starring sex dolls escaping from their horny, human captures is actually a powerful commentary on human trafficking and sex slavery.

Both laugh out loud funny and substantially meaningful, it’s a must watch.

Check it out…

Be on the lookout for more from The Principal in the coming weeks!

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