The Dø Competing in This Week’s mtvU The Freshmen Competition!

We’re stoked to announce that France/Finnish-based futuristic electro duo The Dø are competing in mtvU’s The Freshmen Competition this week with their music video for the ultra-catchy single “Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy”. If they win they’ll be added to regular rotation at mtvU!


EDM superstar Nicky Romero releases powerful music video for new single, “Let Me Feel”

What would you do for your sick child? Would you enter a boxing ring and pound it out with a bigger, stronger man in order to win money to pay her medical bills? In the arresting clip for “Let Me Feel,” the latest smash by club music superstar Nicky Romero, a grieving father does exactly that for his terminally ill daughter — and although he loses the match in spectacularly painful fashion, he wins a much more important battle.

As he looks forward to another prolific year at the top of his game, Dutch superstar Nicky Romero now breathes a fresh lease of life into what was one of the flagship releases on his Protocol Records imprint in 2014, as he unveils the captivating official music video for ‘Let Me Feel’—his smash hit collaboration with Vicetone featuring When We Are Wild. Romero, who has risen stratospherically through the ranks of the globe’s deejays in a short time, is no stranger to provocative video clips. His clip for “I Could Be The One,” a collaborative single with Avicii, directed by critically acclaimed film maker Peter Huang, is one that immediately snaps the viewer to attention. In the video, a disgruntled office worker quietly dreams of an escape to Barbados until the day she snaps and lays waste to a cubicle farm. The clip racked up millions of views — and the song skyrocketed to the number one position on the U.K. charts.

If the same happens to “Let Me Feel,” no fan of dance music would be surprised. In fact, the glimmering, emotionally forthright track stands likely to do “I Could Be The One” one better — it could well establish Nicky Romero as the same kind of hitmaker in the States as he is in his native Europe. He’s certainly got the credentials, and the track record of American pop success: Romero co-produced “Right Now,” a hit for Rihanna, with David Guetta, and collaborated with Britney Spears on her Britney Jean set. An official Nicky Romero remix of One Direction’s romantic ballad “18″ is just gathering traction in the U.S. The time is right, and the song is here: “Let Me Feel,” with the outstanding production team of Vicetone, features a grand, sweeping vocal by When We Are Wild, the balladeers behind the international hit “Scuse Me.”

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No tricks, zero edits, and one take to get the perfect live performance: Sanders Bohlke “The Loved Ones (Live)”

The music of Mississippi-based artist Sanders Bohlke is utterly unforgettable. One of the rising stars on burgeoning Birmingham, Alabama based record label Communicating Vessels (Wray, The Green Seed, The Dirty Lungs), Bohlke has carefully developed and honed one of the most distinctive sounds in music today. A spellbinding mix of Damien Jurado, Bon Iver and a singer/songwriter incarnate of Radiohead, Bohlke crafts exquisite, evocative songs that seem to project directly from his heart and into our ears. Following a prolific 2014, he’s kicking off 2015 with an all new five song EP entitled The Night and an awe-inspiring live soundstage video of his captivating performance of fan-favorite, “The Loved Ones” (from his 2013 album, Ghost Boy), accompanied by a powerful string arrangement written by artist Brooke Waggoner.

Filmed in just one take at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham, AL, this Joe Walker-directed live soundstage performance of “The Loved Ones” captures the true essence of what sets Sanders apart. From the subtle pastel lighting and crisp white button-up shirts to the beautiful, delicate string accompaniment, there’s an alluring elegance to the whole production that immediately draws you in and holds your attention until the very end. And, unlike most “live” videos, there was no studio wizardry used to enhance the look or sound – what you see and hear is as it was performed – a true testament to the extraordinary talent of this group of musicians. Fans of Sanders Bohlke will agree that this stirring rendition of “The Loved Ones” elevates the already beloved song to even greater heights.

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Rising singer/songwriter Hannah Gill Receives The Love On LIVE 105 (Bay Area)

Upcoming artist Hannah Gill has been featured in LIVE 105′s recent online article, 15 Songs To Get You Through Valentine’s Day and boy is she in great company. Coming in at number 13 with her beautiful new single, “I Feel Awake,” Gill is included along with popular acts like Florence + The Machine, Modest Mouse, Imagine Dragons, Lily Allen… and the list goes on and on. It’s always great to see young talent being recognized in such an awesome way so early into a career. Big things are coming for her; trust us. Check out the video below:

France’s The Dø perform stunning live performance of their single, “Miracles” on Alcaline

Stunning Paris, France-based electro duo The Dø recently performed on Alcaline, a really cool TV show in France and it was brilliant and unforgettable. We can’t wait to begin working the promotion of the band’s upcoming music video “Despair Hangover Ecstasy,” which begins next week. Don’t sleep on this band, they’re doing amazing things.

Italian alternative rock band Piqued Jacks release huge new single, “Romantic Soldier”

piqued jacks
Rising Italian alt/rock band Piqued Jacks describe their sound in their own words as “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%” and they’ve pretty much nailed it. The confident foursome, who’ve already performed at SXSW in 2013 and 2014 and incredibly shared the stage with huge acts such as Atoms for Peace and Bob Schneider, are clearly ready for the spotlight and their massive new single “Romantic Soldier”, which premiered on Blank TV is the ticket. Check it out below….

Kentish Fire Competing in This Week’s mtvU The Freshmen Competition!

We’re stoked to announce that UK-based indie synth rockers Kentish Fire are competing in mtvU’s The Freshmen Competition this week with their music video for their ultra-catchy single “In Our Band”. If they win they’ll be added to regular rotation at mtvU!


Brooklyn pop rockers The Davenports are nostalgic for a bygone era and excited for a bright future in their new video “Don’t Be Mad At Me”

Brooklyn’s pop-rock aficionados The Davenports are a band that you may know better than you realize. As the authors of the theme song from the popular A&E program Intervention, millions of viewers have been exposed to their music which has helped the band cultivate a loyal and long-lasting fan base. Since their formation back in 2000 by songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Klass, the band has released a steady stream of music that is pleasing to the ears and to the soul.

Fitting right in the collection between Jason Falkner, Jellyfish and Fountains of Wayne (Klass was also previously in a band with FoW co-founder Chris Collingwood), The Davenports heap a healthy amount of distorted guitar, bouncy piano, intricate melodies and tambourine shaking onto songs that appeal to everyone. The new single “Don’t Be Mad At Me” is a near-perfect track that connects like a modern-day “Martha My Dear.” The verses glide along effortlessly on the back of the piano and string arrangement with Klass serenading on top. It’s in the chorus, however, when the song repeatedly reaches its emotional peak. The guitars kick in, the background vocals sing like a chorus of angels, and the vocals pound away with a memorable cadence that seeps into our brains like a thick molasses of pop goodness.

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Introducing Jacob McCarthy

Long Island, New York’s Jacob McCarthy may still be a sophomore in high school, but he has been flexing his musical muscle for over a decade. The product of singer-songwriter parents who could sense his passion for music from the beginning, Jacob began singing at the age of four and should regularly find himself immersed in talent and variety shows. Once he caught the bug for performing he began to write his own songs, inspired from his vast library of music ranging from Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Eminem, Hopsin and so many more. He is a versatile vocalist with tone and natural range with the ability to hear pitch perfect.

With this kind of pedigree and dedication it’s only expected that McCarthy would approach music with a maturity that even the most seasoned performer would envy. Take his new single “One Gun,” for example. Most people would not expect an artist still in his teens to have so much to say about the trials and tribulations of falling, and staying, in love. The opening line hits hard and serves notice that Jacob means every word; “It only takes one gun to end my life but for you I would sacrifice.” His pain is real as he sings about a forbidden love that he feels determined to make his own, despite the odds.

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Introducing Mr. Moonshine

Mr. Moonshine is a Long Beach quartet with a flare for the artistic and a knack for creating infectious vibes. The band got together shortly after a trip to NY where founding members traveled the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for two weeks. The guys became very familiar with each other having a great time getting into trouble. One night a group of them drank absinthe with each other. Mostly everyone left the bar except a select few from the now M.M. and the following events became their first song “Comfort Me With Absinthe”.

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