Bidding farewell to The Tink “The embodiment of Rock and Roll”

(Andy and The Tink with members of Eagles Of Death Metal at The Khyber Pass in Philly in 2004)

The Tink “The embodiment of Rock and Roll”

Larger-than-life, and with a passion for music to match, The Tink was one of the first video programmers I became friendly with over 15 years ago. But from the moment we made contact, he was much more than just a video programmer… He was a fellow rock ‘n roll musical kindred spirit that I could spend hours talking with and always call a friend….

His enthusiasm for music was contagious. He would tell me stories of seeing the Velvet Underground and Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band back in the mid-60s, and talk endlessly about the thousands of hard rock bands that considered him a trusted associate and part of their promotional machine.

Everyone in the Metal music world knew The Tink and loved him! Though he many times went by the moniker “The Administer of Sinister”, those who knew him well were never intimidated by his robust, 300 pound frame; he was personable, affable and totally approachable. The Tink wouldn’t think twice about going out of his way to help you and will remain one of the staunchest advocates and champions of indie nation that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

In my many visits to The Tink’s “corporate center” in Wilmington, Delaware, I came to fully realize how much he loved doing his weekly program VidDream, and how the show was equal parts music videos and equal parts his irreverent banter and sometimes outrageous interviews. The Tink unquestionably put the “show” back in “show business”. He was the Metal rock ‘n roll Santa Claus, and everyone who came within 12 feet of them could feel his pulsing, palpable energy. He will be missed.

Here at HIP we offer up our sincere condolences to The Tink’s wife Midge, his family and close associates during this difficult time.


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Last Giant Competing in This Week’s mtvU The Freshmen Competition!

It’s that time again, music fans. Another HIP client is competing in mtvU’s The Freshmen competition!

This week we’re stoked to announce Portland, OR-based rock band Last Giant are duking it out with their super jam, “Captain My Captain.”

If they win they’ll be added to regular rotation at mtvU!


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PREMIERE: The HIP Spotlight w/ Ryan Brahms


Singer/songwriter Ryan Brahms is a musical force to be reckoned with. Firmly believing in the power of resilience and perseverance, the extraordinarily talented NYC-based artist’s profound, lifelong passion and natural ability for music, coupled with an innate appreciation of the human condition has filled him with unwavering enthusiasm to connect with the masses. His ultra-catchy, head-turning sound is an invigorating infusion of rock, blues, and funk with sizzling production that incorporates elements of dance, hip hop, R&B and pop… Ryan’s approach to his musical output is organic, visceral and about as refreshing as it gets. Established as a prodigy clarinet and saxophone player by the early age of 18, and having already performed/collaborated with some of the top names in music (James Brown, Dave Brubeck), Brahms is undoubtedly ready for the spotlight.

We met up with him in NYC earlier this month to discuss his new video for his fire-hot single, “For This”; check it out!

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PREMIERE: Cariad Harmon “I Wanna Be Famous” Music Video via

Listening to Cariad Harmon, it’s hard to believe that the singer-songwriter spent much of her youth galavanting through the streets of London and dancing until the wee hours of the morning to legendary house and techno DJs at West London’s now defunct Club UK. It’s not surprising, however, to learn that after the parties were over, Harmon returned home to secretly throw on a Tracy Chapman or Bob Dylan album and strum her acoustic guitar. Being caught between two worlds is a common echo in Harmon’s life. She grew up with an English mother and an American father and often struggled with feeling like an outsider in both Countries.

These divergent set of influences have served her well, with the proof being her newest single, “I Wanna Be Famous.” A brilliant, concise folk pop number that still manages to have a propulsive beat behind it that gives it the energy and immediacy of the dance hits she grew up listening to. The accompanying video is a beautifully shot and darkly comic series of vignettes that create a powerful narrative about the difficulties of following dreams and the universal hunger for fame and notoriety, so present in our social media-savvy culture.

Harmon, along with director Scott Gordon Bleicher (VH1 soul, Scruffy City Film & Music Festival) shot the entire video in true indie/guerrilla-style in and around New York City. Locations span from the West 4th Street subway station, to a friends kitchen in Greenpoint, to an old Bushwick Laundromat where the two friends arrived unannounced one Sunday morning and quietly set up a single camera while customers around them raised some eyebrows and got on with their weekend chores.

Check it out HERE via!

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PREMIERE: Ryan Brahms “For This” Music Video via

NYC-based singer/songwriter Ryan Brahms is a music force to be reckoned with. One of the most promising up and coming young artists, Brahms has already collaborated with some of the greats, including James Brown, Dave Brubeck and producer Rishi Rich.

He just dropped his highly-anticipated new music video for the Summer-ready single, “For This” via

Watch it here and be on the lookout for much more from Ryan Brahms!

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PREMIERE: The HIP Spotlight w/ Will Wood and The Tapeworms

Who in the world are Will and The Tapeworms you ask? Well, if you’re paying attention, you’ll know soon enough.

The mind-bending, delightfully chaotic Jersey-based band consisting of a revolving cast of highly skilled, mildly depraved musicians get off on dark humor and like to combine the collective sounds of gypsy punk, middle eastern and Latin (to name a few) by throwing them into a blender then topping it with a heaping side of nightmare fuel - though that’s just this week. Word on the street is they like to switch it up, so stay tuned.

We met up with the captivating group’s leader and resident mastermind himself, Will Wood, in NYC last month for some insight into the trippy, recently-released Jesse Lazarus-directed music video for their brand new single, “Chemical Overreaction/Compound Fracture”. Hint: Drugs may have played a small part in its genesis, so naturally we were all ears.

Check it out and be sure to watch in top quality (tweak the video settings)…

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PREMIERE: EK “Dress My Fears” Music Video via Skope Mag

Rising Boston-based rapper EK (by way of West Africa Nigeria) just dropped a stunning new video for his fire-hot new single, “Dress My Fears”, and let’s just say it’s ON POINT.

EK is no average artist. In fact, we’d put it in the required listening box for all you hip hop heads out there. His clearly profound, thoughtful lyricism and hard-hitting beats make him one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in awhile and will capture your attention from second one. Check out Skope Mag’s latest write-up on the video HERE or just peep the video below and share with anyone looking for worthy new music to dig into for the Summer.

Keep your eyes out for more from EK. This is just the beginning.

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Out of this world artist Temporary Hero is competing in This Week’s mtvU Freshmen Competition

Temp Freshmen


We’re happy to announce that we’ve got another client competing in mtvU’s The Freshmen competition this week!

Out of this world experimental rock artist, Temporary Hero has just released his amazing new music video, “Circus.”

If this one magic man wins he’ll be added to regular rotation at mtvU!

Vote Here!

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Piqued Jacks WIN mtvU’s The Freshmen!

Congrats to Piqued Jacks for winning this week’s The Freshmen Contest!

Their video, “Romantic Soldier,” will now be added into regular rotation over at mtvU for weeks to come!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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Check out our new promo video for a full encapsulation of what HIP VIDEO PROMO now offers!

We’re incredibly pleased to say 2015 is gearing up to be one of our biggest years here at HIP Video Promo.

Among the plethora of exciting things going on, we just launched a YouTube video that highlights who we are and what we do, specifying a number of new services we offer, which includes VEVO Channels, Social Media Promotion and more… take a peek!

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