Tyson onBEATS Soars to Number 3 on Record Breakers!

With each passing week since the releasing “We So Fly”, Bay Area hip-hop duo Tyson onBEATS continue to gain much deserved recognition for their over-the-top talents. Today we’ve learned that they’ve risen to the top of Record Breakers with their amazing single.

Big ups! Check it out here and support quality hip-hop!

Introducing John Zay

John Zay aims to bring his listeners on an journey. With a message of spiritual evolution through shamanic exploration, his songs create epic climbs through lush sonic landscapes. Growing up the youngest of 4 boys at a house in the suburbs of New York City he was exposed to a wide variety of albums from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He developed his passion for music with groups like Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Beatles, and David Bowie among others. Later his influences diversified including rockers like Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden, the soulful stylings of Seal, Curtis Mayfield and Bob Marley, Drum & Bass from Britain as well as Jazz Fusion and Ambient music. All of these influences and more through a modern slant can be heard in John Zay’s current musical stylings.

Over the years John has based his career out of spots all over the globe including Los Angeles, Hamburg, Germany, Portugal, and currently back to his NYC roots. Through his own Activesoundz studio John has had the pleasure of working with artists as diverse as Steve Madden sponsored Rock-n-Sole winner Mehuman Jonson, legendary Angelo Moore (aka Dr. Madd Vibe) of Fishbone recording and mixing his new album The Angelo Show, and even David Faustino (Bud Bundy/Married with Children) recording his new hip hop projects on Old Scratch records. 

For his newest release “Shadows,” John has taken his many years of experience and dove headfirst into his early 90′s roots to deliver a hard rocking and melodic gem. Fans of artists like Living Colour and Jane’s Addiction will instantly bond with the heaviness of the music and the soaring vocal melodies. 

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Introducing Joshua Hatkins

We drank the Kool-aid and you should too. Of course, we’re not talking about the Jim Jones style Kool-Aid, but rather the infectious and refreshing sounds of one of hip-hop’s great new voices, Joshua Hatkins. Hailing from the bucolic and artistically vibrant community of Portland, OR, Hatkins has blasted onto the scene like a giant pitcher of sweet red liquid blasting through a brick wall.

With a look that is reminiscent of Welcome Back Kotter, and a sound that blends old school with new school, you might think that Joshua Hatkins brings an over the top personality to the table. But in reality Joshua is as modest and laid back as they come. A brief online bio describes it best: “With a flair for the dramatic and an ear obsessed with melody, Joshua Hatkins is ready to make his mark in music.” Nothing grandiose or boastful, just an honest description of an honest musical soul.

Speaking of honest and old school, Joshua’s new video “Kool-Aid” delivers on those very descriptions. The video literally takes place in an old empty school room and is a no frills look at Joshua as he sweats over the pretty little thing in the seat next to him. Decked out in his 70′s NBA style shorts, white socks up to his knees, and a helmet of hair that would make any man jealous, he pulls no punches and makes his case to the young girl about why he thinks he’s her man. If it’s standing on the desk, using the chalk board or the projecter, Hatkins will do whatever it takes to get her attention in his own modest way. She’s playing it cool, but don’t worry, she’s clearly charmed and it’s only a matter of time before he gets the girl!

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PREMIERE: Cosby “Heartracer” MUSIC VIDEO via BaebleMusic

Today saw the premiere of the highly anticipated new video, “Heartracer” from Richmond, VA-based electro synth pop band, Cosby and let’s just say it does not disappoint. In fact, it’s one of the best videos of the year paired up with one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard in recent memory. Seriously. We’re in love.

Watch it here!

Zeke Duhon at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

Heads up New York music fans:

This Sunday, October 12th, rising Nashville, TN-based singer/songwriter Zeke Duhon will performing a FREE show at Rockwood Music Hall. We’ve had the pleasure of promoting a couple of his fantastic music videos over the past couple of years and we seriously can’t recommend him enough. He’s amazing and has a very bright career ahead of him. If you’re in or around the NYC area this weekend, you really owe it to yourself to catch this kid live.

Get tickets here!

And check out some of his music below:

Little Hurricane Wins Album of the Year at San Diego Music Awards

We want to send big congratulations over to Little Hurricane for taking home Album Of The Year at this year’s San Diego Music Awards for their amazing new record, Gold Fever!

If you’ve slept on this album we highly recommend you check it out. We had the honor of promoting their amazing video for their single, “Sheep In Wolves Clothes,” which was one of our faves of the year. You can peep it below…

Introducing Blue Tofu

Our Room, the second album from Blue Tofu, is the continuation of a long journey that begin over 15 years ago. After forming Blue Tofu in 1997, Andrea Mathews and Tim Story released their self-titled album in 2001 to much critical acclaim. Keyboard Magazine called it “a CD that take pop music in a genuinely fresh direction… The music itself defies pigeonholing.” This is a disc and sound that had staying power as well. Twelve years later, that album was named by The Absolute Sound magazine as one of the best 40 albums of the last 40 years, raving “their music is at once lyric and unflinchingly honest, with an all-to-rare (nowadays) feeling of life lived rather than romanticized… It never fails to bring down the house.”

Last year the duo released the long awaited follow up, Our Room. Years in the making, Andrea and Tim cook up a rich, brooding, utterly compelling followup to their acclaimed debut. Story’s dark, immersive grooves and Mathews’ haunting and seductive vocals conjure up a world of devastated relationships and defiant hope. Balancing the angelic with the raw, Andrea’s lyrics can tease with innocence or rip with scathing precision. By turns fragile, theatrical, ravishing and ravished, when in ‘Lit Up’ she whispers “you’re gonna love me til you die” you’re not sure if it’s promise or threat. Story’s swirling downtempo soundscape is equally hard to pin down – slow retro organ riffs are punctured by hyperactive drum fills; a stately acoustic cello trades lines with a slab of overdriven electronica. A vulnerable confession turns into an infectious sax-fueled uber-ballad in the album’s rousing closer “Lorain”. Like the album’s cover art -an utterly decayed ruin of a room, rendered in sumptuous near-surreal colors – Our Room finds beauty in unlikely places, and a bit of grime in even the sunniest. Flirting with styles and references that span decades, it remains beholden to none.

This fearless and unique approach is never more evident than in the new video for “Hunger Tango.” Masterfully directed by Alvin Franklin, “Hunger Tango” is an intergalactic trip of epic proportions. The video follows Mathews as she serves as the steely and resolute captain of a space craft manned by some of the most gorgeous extraterrestrials of any galaxy. Eventually she and her crew make their way to Earth and naturally the people of the planet are fascinated by this beautiful deity that has arrived from the sky. We won’t give away what happens next but thanks to the exceptional music of Blue Tofu and the mind-blowing CGI of Alvin Franklin we can promise you it is a fascinating story that you won’t want to miss!

Show Alert: Skating Polly with Shonen Knife in Dallas, TX

Heads up to anyone who will be in the Dallas, TX area this Thursday (Oct 2) and is looking for something well worth attending. Have you heard of Skating Polly? Are you intrigued by incredible music coming out of seemingly impossibly young musicians? If you aren’t familiar, it’s time to get to know Skating Polly.  

This jaw-dropping, super talented young female duo, who have an amazing new record out entitled Fuzz Steilacoom (which we highly recommend), will performing at Club Dada along with Japan’s Shonen Knife. It’s gonna be a packed show, so we recommend you get there early.

Get your tickets HERE!

Introducing Beautiful Beasts

Beautiful Beasts describe themselves as stuck in a puddle of influences somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Faith No More. Their goal is and has been to create and capture feelings in song that are appropriate to the emotional message of the moment. Sharing with you their feelings of kindness and love alongside the deepest darkest reflections of self. Pop music is how they do it best, they use it to serve the moments cause without apology in a true reflection of who and what they are.

It’s this kind of attitude and transparency that has allowed Beautiful Beasts to expand beyond their roots in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia, and leap into the global fray of talent. But for all the acknowledgements of their diverse influences and approaches, Beautiful Beasts really delivers a remarkably cohesive sound. Frontman Andrew Pope pulls no punches in his passionate delivery, and the band behind him consisting of bassist Matisse Burton, drummer Tyler Campbell, keyboardist Jordan David, and guitarist Andrew Dobrowokski, are never short on ideas on how to take every song and create an infectious and accessible song that hits all the right notes.

The video for “Right” captures the beautiful side of these beasts. A melancholic mix of acoustic guitar, pianos, upright bass, shimmering electric and the unmistakable combination of male and female vocals provides the soundtrack.

Click here for the full bio!

Fire and the Romance “She’s A Devil” MUSIC VID live on MTV’s online portals

Rising NYC-based pop/rockers Fire and the Romance have a bright future ahead of them. Trust us. This week their sexy/creepy video for their infectious new single “She’s A Devil” went live on the MTV Networks websites, which include MTV.com, VH1.com, LOGOtv.com and even CMT.com.

Be sure to check it out, “like” the page, and keep up with what these guys are putting out. Support great music!

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