Record Label Spotlight: Doghouse Records

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December 28, 2020
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January 5, 2021

Over the last 20 years, HIP Video Promo has enjoyed working with some of the most outstanding and iconic record companies within the music industry. Every Tuesday, we’ll go down memory lane and talking about some of our favorite record labels we’ve worked with in the past. This week, we’re continuing with the extraordinary Doghouse Records.

Doghouse Records is an American record label started in 1988 in Toledo, Ohio, and was founded by Dirk Hemsath. They specialize in alternative rock, emo, punk rock, pop-punk, indie rock, and hardcore punk. Over the past 32 years, Doghouse has made quite the impression on the music industry. They have built a catalog of over 150 releases and have sold almost 6 million albums and 15 million songs worldwide. They’ve worked with pop-punk icons like All-American Rejects, Say Anything, and more.

Throughout the years, Doghouse Records has had their share of amazing talented artists, and we’ve had the pleasure of being able to work with some of them here at HIP Video Promo.

The first Doghouse Records artist we worked with is Limbeck. These guys are no stranger to good old rock n’ roll. But they’re no stranger to new ideas either. These guys have experimented with everything from a banjo to a Hammond organ. In October 2003, HIP promoted their video for “Julia”. This video plays out like a grainy but beautiful home video of a memorable road trip. Something we all dream about at one point in our lives. Getting in the car with some of our closest friends and creating and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. There’s something so beautifully timeless about this video, and we’re positive you’re going to love it.



Up next on our Doghouse artist list we’ve had the chance to work with is Feable Weiner. These guys are one of the first groups we’ve ever gotten to work with. This Tennessee powerhouse has created an indie rock sound that transforms all of us back to the angst and simplicity of junior high. In February 2004, we promoted their video for “San Deem Us Ready”. We’re taken on a trip to the gym, but it’s not like any other gym we’ve seen before. For starters, the band stands right in the middle of all the exercise machines. They’ll also only surrounded by gorgeous women, and the band is dressed in suits. It’s not a conventional gym, but it’s one we wouldn’t mind signing up for.



The next Doghouse artist we’ve had the opportunity of working with is Meg and Dia. These Salt Lake City natives have been shaking up the music world ever since the Myspace days. Thousands upon thousands of listeners poured into their pages to hear their sick pop-punk combos. In 2006, they even went on tour with Vans Warped Tour, where they gained even more pop-punk cred. That same year, in August, HIP promoted their video for “Monster”. The entire video symbolizes a beating heart with the flashing and pulsating lights. The images flash from pale white to pitch black; the plastic hearts are ripped from beneath their dresses and then left on the floor for Dia to step on. The video is exhilarating and heart-stopping all in one.



Back in 2007, HIP Video Promo had the opportunity to work with Jet Lag Gemini. This high energy, four-piece rock n’ roll/pop-punk group were all the rage back in the early 2000s. Their single Fire The Cannons made waves that were felt all the way on MTV and managed to win the top prize for mtvU Freshman. In November 2007, HIP Video Promo promoted their video for “Run This City”. This video takes place in a boring, stale work office – any punk kid’s worst nightmare. But then this office space gets a boost of energy when this band of chaos bursts through. Instead of getting kicked out or fired, the fellow workers all get up and basically start a dance party that eventually leads into the streets. They’ve taken control and have turned every city into their own personal party.



Another Doghouse Records artist we’ve had the opportunity to work with is Matt Pond. Matt Pond has gained quite the following in the last few years. His songs have been featured on Starbucks commercials and on The OC. His followers are loyal and have been around for decades, and will be around for decades more. In September 2015, HIP Video Promo promoted his video for “Take Me with You”. The video is all about seeing an opportunity and taking it and make the most out of it. Matt and his girl find a stretch limo on the side of the road, so of course, they drive off in it. They pick up a few friends on the way and make most of the time enjoying this rare moment of freedom. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing and will leave you wanting more.



In its 32 years of business, Doghouse Records has already made an impeccable punch in the music industry. They have released some of the best punk and pop-punk artists we still love and cherish today, perhaps at your local Emo Night. They were one of the first record labels who called us up to help promote their artists, and for that, we’ll always be grateful. These guys are hardcore, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s no wonder why they’re one of the best record labels in the music industry.


Written by HIP Intern Rebecca Karaman.