Client Reviews/Testimonials

“We have worked with HIP for years and years now. Andy, Rob & company are the best at what they do. They have worked tirelessly for our bands and videos. I highly recommend working with them.”
Seth Hubbard
Polyvinyl Record Co.

“I challenge you to find a team as motivated, as enthusiastic, as eager to go to bat for your artists’ music videos than the team at HIP. We have been working with them on and off for years and always return back to Andy and his crew for their fierce passion and diligence on every campaign.”
Jamie Coletta
SideOneDummy Records

“Based on our experience to date, I can highly recommend Andy and his team. I have been consistently impressed with the regular and thorough level of communication emanating from HIP Video Promo, and the standard of their written content has been genuinely noteworthy – not something I mention lightly. In terms of specifics, HIP delivered a highly valuable premiere with mtvU for an artist in the EDM area, as well as great exposure across dozens of terrestrial TV outlets, retail locations and fitness centers. Their services represent excellent value for money; I will certainly utilize them again in future.”
Tim Ferrone
KDrew, Rico & Miella

“The team at HIP Video Promo is simply incredible! Ivervine Entertainment and High Key thank you for a thoughtful and well-planned promotion. We look forward to working with you again!”
La Juanna Taylor
Ivervine Entertainment, High Key

“Andy Gesner and HIP Video Promo are the type of exception to the rule that I can get behind. They deliver honest, effective services and pay a lot of attention to every artist they work with. They also are ravenously passionate about music, and as such are all about the music, not just the industry. The real deal.”
James Moore
Independent Music Promotions

“I have been in the music business for more years than I would like to admit. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with tremendous talents and songwriters from AC/DC and Meat Loaf to Rob Friedman and Bob Halligan Jr. Five years ago I was introduced to Andy Gesner and HIP Video Promo. and discussed working with them on promoting an inexpensive indie video titled “I Love Porno” for my client Medium John. With no expectations I hired them and to my surprise within 120 days we had over a 100,000 views on YouTube. Andy and his team got our video played on numerous outlets, many unknown to me but good enough for us to create an important buzz. With tens of millions of videos in the marketplace, most never seeing the light of day, or getting less than a 1000 YouTube views, I can sincerely say Andy and his team did an amazing job. Go Andy Go!”
Barry Bergman
Founder – Music Managers Forum, Veteran manager, Music publisher and Consultant

“I have worked with HIP Video Promo on projects for almost a decade now, since Metric’s first self-release campaign when we had no label and desperately needed someone to handle video promotion for us in the USA. We did our research, and decided on HIP Video Promo. They are very selective, only promoting bands and artists they’re genuinely passionate about, but any time we’ve been lucky enough to have them on board, we’ve never been disappointed. They take pride in their work and are tenacious in their pursuit of the most coverage possible for everything they take on, and are especially excellent when it comes to providing very granular, detailed progress reports. They also take care of all the mind-numbing technical aspects when it comes to video encoding and duplication specs, which is otherwise a nightmare. They truly know what it is to be indie, as they’ve been living it for a very long time. I highly recommend them.”
Mathieu Drouin
Manager – Metric
Founder – Crystal Math Music Group

“Makes My Blood Dance has released our last 3 music videos with additional services under the HIP Video Promo umbrella. This is a passionate team that cares. I just got off the phone with Rob F. who told me he thought of MMBD at 2 am and got up to send a follow up email to Music Choice. As of this review the video for Power of the Lightside has now been picked up and premiered on Metal Injection, ClubCom (distributed to over 5K+ fitness and health centers nationwide), and most recently picked up by Music Choice (multi-platform service that delivers music and videos across TV, mobile, and web to over 66.5 million households). There is a forward motion, positive thinking energy at HIP and Makes My Blood Dance as we continue to see great milestones working together. Highly recommend Andy G and team.”
Evan Saffer
Makes My Blood Dance

“Kudos to the entire team at HIP 🤘 Everyone’s such a pleasure to work with, they really know their stuff. Would highly recommend!”

“We love Hip Video Promo!!”
Rocky Dawuni

“I love working with HIP Video Promo. Real people with real promo and real solutions. Thanks for everything!
Rob Schwartz / Founder – WHO?MAG TV

“I would definitely recommend working with Andy and his team at HIP Video Promo! They consistently over deliver on promises. They are also very personable and prompt in their communication, not like most other promotion companies that don’t even speak with you on the phone. As an independent artist they managed to secure me and my fellow collaborator Mark Mayday Edwards 50K streams on Spotify through playlist pitching and got our video aired on BET Jams..all in the first 2 months post release!”
David D’Angelo

“Andy and his whole team go above and beyond to get great results. They show you on a weekly basis proof of where your video is getting traction, adds, etc. I found them incredibly easy and helpful to work with and we can’t wait to work with them again”

“HIP is literally the best company out there for bands and artists looking to grow!”
Broke Royals

“The best boss I ever had once told me, ‘Hire capable people and let them do their thing.’ In a world where “Social” media seems to be working against us at every turn, the folks at HIP are above and beyond capable with what they do to get the word out about music. They were very open, honest and hands on from the very start of the campaign and they took my music to places it never in a million years would have been seen/heard, otherwise. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend their services.”
Dennis J. Leise

“Andy and the crew at HIP Video Promo will make you feel like family from day one. They pulled out all the stops to make my latest campaign a success and I can’t say enough kind words about the experience. Some of the best money I ever spent promoting my music career. 100% recommended.”
Nick Vivid

“Andy & his enthusiastic team are the best video promotion company in the business. I’ve worked with many PR firms & “specialists”, “gurus”, “YouTube stars”, etc, to only find wasted money, time and hope. Not so with HIP Video! While success is never guaranteed in this world, this group will work HARD to ensure your video sees every opportunity they have available. It will include frequent updates sporting tracked data. This is further assisted by combined decades in the industry and the focus on just your great video alone getting as much attention as it can (meaning they’re pros at that one thing). That said, don’t be surprised if interviews, write-ups, playlist features and much more come your way. After working with them once, I won’t ever consider looking elsewhere.”

“The last couple of months, we’ve had an excellent promo campaign for our official debut video “Our Hearts” which was seen and heard by a huge number of people in the USA, Canada, Europe and others. A super driver for the campaign was a command of professionals from HIP Video Promo. You guys, are a real jet engine in showbiz space! That was just a great pleasure to deal with you ! Thank you so much Kevin and Molly and others ! And surely special thanks to the owner and President of HIP Video Promo, Andy Gesner ! No doubt we’re back to you as soon as make another video for another song ! Looking forward to that day ! Cheers!”

“HIP Video Promo not only promoted our music video to a new level of exposure, but they went above and beyond to seek new and faithful fans for our music. Rarely have we come across a company that fights for and inspires their clients as much as HIP Video Promo; their enthusiasm and work ethic is infectious.”
Nalani & Sarina

“Working with HIP Video Promo was an amazing experience. Andy and his team are the absolute nicest people to work with. They completely delivered and were very results oriented. The weekly reports were informative and cohesive. I definitely recommend them for your promotional needs.”
Juliana Hale

“The team at HIP Video has been amazing to work with and have followed through above and beyond on everything we have worked on together. We were able to get on BET with their support! Great group!”
Justin Zubrick
Manager of Brandon Tory

“It was an absolute pleasure working with HIP Video Promo. While they’ve been established in the industry, when you talk to Andy Gesner and the entire team there’s an excitement there that makes the company seem brand new. I really felt like they were as invested in the success of the video as I was; the amazing placements my video got were a reflection of their determination. I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work & I look forward to working with them on many more videos!”
Will Jay

“After five years of working with HIP Video Promo, I’ve seen dedication, flexibility and something that isn’t often found on the promotions side of this industry, honesty. Andy and his crew help maintain your artist’s credibility while finding the balance to exposing their work without compromise. Both from the SonyMusic Independent Network and Creative Entertainment Network sides we can highly recommend using HIP Video Promo to help be a part of the creation of multiple visual impressions, the kind of exposure that it takes to create ownership, in the building of an artist’s fan based career.”
Vinny Rich
Sony Music Independent Network & Creative Entertainment Network

“The veteran music industry staff at HIP have done such an amazing job for our band The Vice Rags that I had to post a review… We’ve known, worked, played shows and talked shop with the folks at HIP for YEARS now, but this was the first video/online promo campaign I’ve worked with them on. BLOWN AWAY!!! The results they’ve produced on both the video side as well as the social media side have been AMAZING, and beyond even my already high expectations. WORK WITH THESE FOLKS, they get stuff done! Thanks to all the HIP staffers for an awesome campaign!!!”
Joe Chyb
The Vice Rags

“Andy and his team are the best. Highly recommended!”
Ryan Smith
Ryan and Pony

“I highly recommend HIP Video Promo! Yo they are the most legit most professional group of people I’ve worked with….EVER. Andy at HIP was instrumental in propelling my career, and let me tell you the results are well worth the price. If you’re looking for hardworking honest people to do business with, look no further than the gang at HIP Video Promo.”
Jeremy Johnson (JoN De PLedge)

“Working with HIP Video has been an amazing experience. In this industry it’s always nerve racking to pay for services and to go into business with people you haven’t personally met. But HIP went far and above anything we ever expected. They are absolutely incredible quality people, they responded immediately to every inquiry, they were super personable, and it was obvious from the beginning that they strive to do excellent work and were working hard on our project. We knew that we weren’t lost in a mass of projects they were working on. Also, shout out to Mike Kundrath. I know there was a team of people making all of this happen but we specifically were in communication with Mike and he was absolutely amazing in handling every inquiry we had and making sure nothing got missed. He’s a super high quality guy all around and it was a pleasure working with him. Seriously to all of you… thank you. You all absolutely knocked it out of the park and we can’t wait to work with you all again.”
Cooper Brown

“I can’t speak highly enough about Andy Gesner and the entire HIP Video team. When it came time last year to promote our music video, there were a number of potential partners that presented themselves. However, once we spoke with Andy, there was only one real choice: HIP Video. Andy brings energy, passion and a wealth of experience to the table. And best of all, he tells you straight up what he going to do for you and then delivers. We are already repeat customers, which should tell you everything you need to know!”
Ken Hauptman

“Anytime an artist chooses to hire a company in the music industry to assist in promoting their music, they are taking a leap of faith. There are so many businesses in the music industry today that have no conscious. They prey on ambitious, eager artists, and swindle the little money bands have without delivering a slither of what they so enthusiastically promised. Andy and crew are the exception and thus deserve to be recognized for it. They truly care about their artists and I can honestly say they’ve been everything that I could ever hope for in a music promotion company. Working with them has been the best business decision I have made thus far in my career and has yielded the greatest results. I am absolutely going to continue working with them in the future. Musicians, these guys are on our side.”
Adam Silvestri
Radiator King

“Andy and his team are indefatigable, positive and results oriented. I have been impressed with their stamina, their professionalism, and most of all with the results they’ve been able to create. They understand the changing landscape of the music industry, and also the unique capabilities of music videos and the niche expertise needed in promoting them. I am so glad I found them, and that they are helping the video I made work as hard for me as I did to make it. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”
Kristen Lee Sergeant

“I can’t speak more highly of this company and the awesome folks who work really hard for artists to help them grow. I’ve been having a great experience with them and can really tell they put their heart and soul into their work, and actually care. So rare for a PR company. During the duration of my campaign (and still going) I’ve seen my social media numbers grow, am enjoying a lot more fan engagement, and they’ve landed some awesome placements. They also are extremely responsive and give comprehensive reports of all the growth so you can track it while it’s all happening. If you’re looking to have an enthusiastic and go-getter team, look no further.”
Becca Schack

“My experience with HIP was far superior to working with any other PR or promo company before. There are never guarantees with this stuff, but Andy, Mike and Rob provided such helpful information on what we could do on our end. They “teach you to fish.” More than anything, Andy’s passion and optimism is infectious and comes from a real place. We were so excited about our video and found that HIP Video Promo was the best home for its promotion. I cannot recommend them any higher.”
Griffith Snyder

“It’s really really hard to trust people who offer music “promotion” nowadays. Andy and his team were great in delivering exactly what they promised. There were no guarantees yet they still managed to deliver, with the biggest placement being BET Jams, my first national TV airing! I will definitely be back.”
Darnell Duncan

“Working with Andy, Rob, Mike and the whole team was a totally enjoyable experience. Andy has a natural enthusiasm that is infectious and we were all very happy with the results HIP got for the two The Winter Sounds videos we did together. Thank you to all and looking forward to working together again!”
Patrick Keenan
The Winter Sounds

“HIP delivers a ‘complete package’ including social media assistance and dedicated music video promotion. They are the real deal and I would highly recommend them to any band who is serious about upping their marketing game and reaching real fans with their music videos…”
Lucas Ward
The Silver Snails

“We’ve worked with Andy, Rob, and Mike for over a decade. They love music and they are for the artist. They’ve always given us more than expected and have adapted with the ever changing landscape brilliantly. They will always be a part of our team.”
Jeff Yanero
The Ivy Walls

“My experience with HIP Video has been exceedingly positive. From the very start I felt comfortable with Andy and his team’s ability to see my vision as an artist and communicate that vision to programmers.

I also greatly appreciated the reports that were delivered weekly with regard to social media – which was another part of the specific campaign I requested – and other metrics like program adds, which were received on a bi-weekly basis.

It was awesome being able to skype call Andy at any time with any questions I had and the relationship that was cultivated is more like a friendship with someone who truly cares about what they are doing for the artists they work with.

I found this to be one of the more rewarding experiences I have had in music promotions to date and I will certainly be doing more work with HIP Video Promo in the future.”
Stuart Wilson

“Without any doubt, Hip Video Promo, is the best in the industry! Andy and his amazing staff work with one goal in mind…success for their clients. They took my daughter from being no one and shot her to the moon! With only 2 original single to her name, she is now playing on over 20 different venues. They are honest and caring people! I’m am so thankful they are now a part of our entertainment family. God’s blessing to them for everything they do for all of us! Trust them…you won’t be disappointed!!”
Becky Friedman
Manager of Alexa Friedman

“Andy and his team are incredible – they truly care about the artist and strive for excellence. They are my forever go-to team!”
Kelly Padrick

“HIP Video Promo has done and is doing an amazing job with my career. They are experts at video promotion and in this day and age social media promo as well. Thanks to Andy and the crew at H.V.P my video has been played on B.E.T Jams as well as countless other music video outlets around the world. My Social Media followers have went from Hundreds to Thousands. I have gained Fans from all over the globe with the help of Hip Video Promotions. If you are trying to figure out what company to use to help your career, you have landed in the best place possible “HIP Video Promo.”
Jace The Great

“Andy and the HIP Video team have worked with a number of my clients in both social media optimization and video promotion capacities. I’ve seen these clients featured in major outlets like billboard, pitchfork, the Huffington Post and countless others. RESULTS. Impressive Accurate weekly updates and real world people skills are rare in this business. These guys work tirelessly to get ears and eyes on our projects. They have always delivered more than we expected! 5 stars!”
Anthony J. Resta

“HIP video has opened as many doors as they possibly could for a nationally unknown act with good product! They are selective about who they represent but that just means that they are interested in their credibility and longevity, not about taking $$ from anyone willing to pay. They have many contacts and through them I’ve been able to get Characula videos played on national television as well as online and on-air interviews. Andy is very easy to work with and puts 110% into every project he’s worked on with me. I highly recommend them.”

“Nothing but positive things to say about Andy and the team, they fought for me and that’s really all any artist can ask for. Not only did my social media skyrocket, but I landed on multiple huge music news outlets and television programs. I highly recommend HIP and look forward to working with them again!”
Jack Shields

“Andy and the team are true professionals and great people to boot. They go above and beyond for their clients. I can’t wait to work with HIP again!”
Mistaa Dean

“Andy and team have it figured out. Great bunch of people to be working with.”
Andy Byers – Cosmic Dreamer Music

“One of the best PR companies out there, on top of their game!”
Margarita Monet
Edge of Paradise

“Andy and his team did a wonderful job in helping to promote Tia P.’s new video, ‘4 Seats from Beyonce’. They provided a weekly report regarding the submissions as well as a Social Media Stat Report w/ metrics. HIP Video Promo goes above and beyond.”
C Von Parchman
Tia P

“The team at HIP Video is extremely professional, reliable, responsive, and creative, and their services are top-notch!! We couldn’t be happier with the thoughtful advice and guidance Andy and team have provided to us since we have been working together! Highly recommend them!!”
Joan Paciga
John Paciga

“HIP Video Promo delivered extensively for Paper Pilots, landing our “The Weather” music video at dozens of terrestrial and online outlets. Many new eyes and ears got to us through Andy and his team’s efforts. The coinciding social media campaign grew our numbers dramatically as well.”
Justin Bocchieri
Paper Pilots

“HIP used many great channels to put our music in front of new fans, including the mtvU Freshman Competition, to which they got us in and helped us win. Andy’s enthusiasm is off the charts. We’d recommend HIP Video Promo to anyone looking to promote a video!”
Bruce Ravid
Trapdoor Social

“I couldn’t be happier in deciding to work with Andy and the HIP crew. Not only was my “Love Sick” music video exposed nationwide via various television programs, across fitness facilities, on mtvU, music blogs and more– but I saw a huge boost in my numbers across every social media platform as well! HIP’s enthusiasm and work ethic is unparalleled and I cannot wait to bring them onto the team for the next music video!”
Laney Lynx

“Andy and the great people at HIP Video Promo came highly suggested from people I know in the business. After looking into HIP online and digging into what people were saying and the results they were enjoying, I easily saw why they were so greatly suggested. Many, many different outlets were raving about the success, the method, and the logic into HIP’s video promo savvy. I worked with Andy and his team for 10 plus weeks and was very, very pleased with the results they were able to secure for my music videos. Both videos I promoted with them, “Ice Skating” and “Your Name”, were seen by a lot more people than they would have otherwise. “Ice Skating” was even featured in the mtvU Freshmen contest, and the support and love I got from my fans really shined, all because of the work of HIP. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to promote their music videos, and I am extremely happy with what they were able to do for me.”
Liam Gerard

“I have worked with Andy over at HIP Video Promo on a number of music video projects and he consistently impresses me with his hard work, level of dedication and overall enthusiasm. Through my experiences, I can a-test to the fact that he consistently delivers results and this, along with his infectious positivity, leaves me always look forward to the next project and the chance to work with HIP Video Promo again. A recent project we worked on together for Hip Hop/ Pop artist Nick de la Hoyde and his video ‘By My Side’, resulted in a placement with mtvU and high rotation across 900 universities in the USA. Value for the money, results driven, and a pleasure to work with; what more could you ask for?!”
Chris D / Director
Gatcombe Music

“I’ve talked off and on with Andy over the years about different video projects and the timing just never quite lined up until now. Andy and the HIP team worked like hell to help me fully understand the world of video promotion and will definitely be my go-to for video promotion for years to come. He’s passionate about his craft and after being able to finally meet at SXSW this year, I’m confident that my projects are in the right hands.”
Nicholas Roberts

“Andy and his team created a very positive and enthusiastic atmosphere around our music video campaign. We have had many campaigns over the years with various PR firms and HIP Video Promo takes the cake hands down. I never felt we were passed off or put on the back burner. They really care about the people they are working with and most importantly they love music.
Ryan Heise
Last Giant

“Andy and his team did an amazing job promoting our music video. In addition to getting our video onto numerous TV and Internet channels, through their work our video landed a regular rotation spot on mtvU where it is being played on college campuses across the country. Another impressive thing about HIP is their communication. No matter when I posed a question to him and his team, Andy would reply the same day almost every time. A great experience all around.”
Rob & Elliot
Builder of the House

“HIP Video Promo has done way more than we expected. We were added to 36 different networks, MTVu, MTV2, MTV Latin America to name a few. They kicked ass for us on social media too! Andy gave us full reports all along the campaign , and even answered all my phone calls. Great guy! We will continue to use them for every video we make.”
Eric Snyder
The Crying Spell

“HIP Video Promo proved to be the best service we used to promote our Hannah Gill video “I Feel Awake”. We used several others, including a high end publicist, and no one compared to Andy and his team. The highlight was getting Hannah’s “I Feel Awake” video placed in The Freshman competition on mtvU and winning! This has really helped us, not only with video plays, but general recognition (we now have over 100k views). We were also added to VH1 and CMT. I’m really looking forward to using HIP Video Promo for our next release in early September!”
Brad Hammonds
Hannah Gill

“HIP Video isn’t just a promo agency for indie videos, they are fellow fighters of the good fight. I love working with Andy and the gang because their old-school punk sort of vibe. It’s that feeling as if we’re all in this together. They love what they do and the enthusiasm is infectious, both for me as their client and for the people they are pitching my videos to, which yields amazing results. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!”
Josh Mintz / FriendSlashLover

“Working with Andy, Rob and everyone else over at HIP was a great experience for Time Will Tell. The guys over at HIP are some of the most genuine people I have ever met in the Industry. They are basically available and at your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But more importantly, they are great at what they do. They are extremely well connected and if they promise you results, you will see them! Right now, Time Will Tell has a music video airing around the world on mtvU thanks to everyone over at HIP! I think that what really makes HIP a great company to work with is that they are all musicians themselves, who genuinely want to help other musicians. After working with HIP to promote our first music video, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t use anyone else for future video promotion.”
Christopher Minor
Time Will Tell

“Andy Gesner and HIP Video Promo are the best in the business, hands down. If you are looking for exposure for your music video and you happen to be lucky enough to have HIP feel it’s worthy, throw a party! What Andy and HIP did for our music video could not be replicated by any other company. HIP Video Promo is run by industry vets and true professionals. Do the research and I guarantee you will circle back to HIP. Best third party Indie experience to date.”
Isaac Gordon
City Rain

“I decided to get some professional help with my new video and did some research. There were a few things that made HIP Video Promo stand out from the start – honesty, friendly approach and hard work. They are so many other companies that give false promises and at the end of the day don’t care much about your video. HIP are the total opposite of that – I received a tailor made campaign specific for the video and type of music I make, and I was kept in the loop the whole time. The goal was to expose my new single and myself as an artist to a completely new audience and they succeeded in doing that 100%. Can’t wait to work with them again for my next video.”
Emil Hadji Panzov

“We have used HIP Video Promo to promote the accompanying videos for singles on numerous Billboard-charting releases. Each time, we are reminded why. They make it possible for us to concentrate on the business of making hit music, and charting with it. Our videos show up in all the right places for their efforts, and we receive timely, detailed reports to back up all their hard work. Andy, Rob and their team are definitely a part of our winning game plan.”
Douglas MacDonald
Innovation Entertainment

“We couldn’t have been happier with our experience working with HIP. They work hard and seem to genuinely care about or be interested in the bands they work with. Andy (the head of the company) is a musician himself, and kindly entertained our longwinded bitchy whining about ‘the game’. Good folks.”
Michael Henry

“HIP Video Promo is an absolute dream to work with. Andy was never to busy too accept a phone call and always provided prompt responses to my email enquiries. They were involved with our music video from before production even began, all the way to it’s feature on mtvU’s The Freshman. They provided helpful advice and instruction along the way, and were on top of our campaign from start to finish. Their passion for what they do was unquestionable. I could not be happier with the experience.”
Will Sherrer
Top Flight

“Andy and his staff at HIP Video Promo did an awesome job promoting our three videos from our last album, Northern Lights & Southern Skies. They secured us adds across the web and even some of the ever-coveted television spots. Going forward, we can’t imagine promoting an album without HIP on our team!”
Jason Shields
The Capsules

“Working with HIP Video Promo has been fantastic for all of us at Summertime Dropouts! Our relationship has been nothing short of beautiful. We’re talking, “I’ll never let go, Jack” beautiful. In fact, once and awhile Andy accidentally calls me “Rose” on the phone (Titanic joke if you haven’t figured that out by now). But seriously, these guys rock. They’re dependable, hardworking, organized, and efficient. They shoot straight with you and aren’t going to blow smoke up your rear end like some of the other guys in the game. They’re just honest hardworking people that get the job done. Thank you Andy and everybody else at HIP Video Promo for all your hard work on our behalf.”
Joshua Stoll
Summertime Dropouts

“HIP Video Promo was worth every promotional penny I spent with them. I do not work for HIP, nor am I receiving any compensation for my review. I am just a happy customer who feels that the promotional dollars I spent were worth while, and beneficial to my musical career. Andy and his team are dedicated professionals who care about moving musical careers forward. They certainly were for me. Andy and many of the team players made themselves available for any questions or concerns I had by phone. That is a rare, and valuable benefit that cannot be overlooked. In fact, HIP exceeded my expectations in terms of promotion for One Man Rock Band and I will continue to be a loyal customer. If you are lucky enough to be chosen to work with HIP, do it. These guys will kick ass on your behalf.”
Scott Gerling
One Man Rock Band

HIP Video Promo really took care of us and our video “Romantic Soldier”! Thanks to them, we have been featured on many platforms we wouldn’t have reached without them, including winning the mtvU Freshmen competition They are serious workers, very communicative and sensitive to the client’s needs. Our video and our name got shared on a whole new level, and more opportunities can open up for us now moving forward. Andy’s a lovely guy, who followed up and updated us constantly. We’re definitely happy with our experience with HIP Video Promo, and we do recommend working with them.
Piqued Jacks

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Andy Gesner and his team at HIP Video Promo! From our first phone conversation I knew Andy was a genuine guy who has his clients best interest at heart. I had worked with another company previously and Andy’s team was a cut above them on every level to say the least. Andy is always accessible, upbeat, kind and willing to spend as much time making sure you understand what the campaign is doing at any given time during the promotion, and he follows up regularly with reports on exactly when and where your videos are being programmed. HIP Video Promo also sends screenshots when available so you can see what your video looks like on the many internet sites that are featuring your music video. Andy and his team have gone above and beyond my expectations. This was a great investment in my career! I couldn’t be more satisfied with their services and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
James Doré

“I signed up with HIP Video Promo not knowing what to expect, just hoping not to be disappointed. Any aspiring artist can tell you there are thousands of phony businesses out there claiming to do what Andy Gesner of HIP promises. Let me tell you, these guys are the truth! I began my campaign with a small local Facebook following and enough music for three albums. After a ten week campaign in which Andy and his crew made my Reverbnation page, I sit here with over 109,000 listens and over 3,000 fans! All legit, real people that actually listened to my creations which is all we as musicians desire right? Along with the social media following I was honored to have Andy and his crew present my newest video to major media outlets. “Indigo Child” is now being played and viewed on 20 different media outlets and has over 30,000 views on Reverbnation. Could I ask anymore as a upcoming artist trying to make a name for myself? I think not. On top of it all Andy and his awesome crew are not only hard workers, but good, genuine, honest people. They have more than earned my loyalty and respect and the success of my career will be largely the result of working with HIP Video Promo. I plan to work with them a long time.”
Nomis Alekesn

“If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? If there is nobody there to hear it, how would you know? When you create a music video, it instantly becomes the falling tree in the woods. It can be the most amazing production ever created, but if there is nobody there to experience and enjoy it, it will be appreciated by no one. A possible waste of creativity, time and money. Enter HIP Video Promo! HIP did all of the work for me! Social media? Who has time for that? Not me! Nor do I have the energy. When I hired HIP, they took complete control. Before long, my video was being played by video programmers that I didn’t even know existed. HIP got my video on Reverbnation at which point it was viewed by a staggering amount of people worldwide. Not only did I acquire a couple of thousand fans, I also got to watch my video climb up the local video chart to the #1 ranked position. A truly amazing feat! Every two weeks I received airplay reports which let me know exactly where my video was playing. Full disclosure at all times! Thanks to HIP, my video was not the silent falling tree in the woods. My song and video has made more noise than I could have possibly imagined and will hopefully play every Halloween; becoming that Halloween song of the future that I have always dreamed it could be.”
Mighty Matt Saladino

“I wanted to start off this testimonial by saying Andy is a incredible person to work with. I’ve never seen a person so enthusiastic and passionate about their job… you can tell he truly enjoys what he does. I had the opportunity to work with him promoting my “Zombie Nights” music video and I was amazed! My video was featured on so many different well known sites and all my views increased. I had other indie artists like myself message me asking to do songs with them and many other different projects as well. I am forever grateful for all the hard work HIP Video Promo has put in for me and I’m looking forward to working with HIP Video Promo on my next music video.”
Harlem World

“After launching our AV Super Sunshine self titled CD earlier this year on non-com and college radio via a well established radio promoter we discovered how fickle and diverse this format was and failed to get any real traction. We realized we needed to be on triple A rock radio, however the entry costs were expensive and we weren’t sure it would pay off. Instead, my partner learned of HIP Video Promo. We read and discussed all of success stories HIP has achieved for other artists and learned that HIP’s standard fees offered a better approach to keeping our expenses in line with our budget. I must say we were very excited to work with HIP and Mr. Andy Gesner’s team right out of the box. The results have been far better than expected. We have grown our fan base by over 50% in a little over 60 days. In the month of June our “Baby Goodbye” video will be broadcasted in about a dozen major markets to a potential 15 million homes. Awesome! We’ve also had great success with the help of HIP in the retail pool market which adds an additional 3 to 4 million eyes this month. Killer! Our Reverbnation page has seen unbelievable attention achieving 32,000 song plays, 13,000 video plays and almost 2900 new fans and our Facebook page is getting more attention then ever. I have personally answered thousands upon thousands of fan requests and correspondence and have learned so much in the process in regards to managing fans and learning their tastes. Because of everything we’ve learned from HIP and from the new fans and attention HIP has brought we were also able to formulate a much better plan of how to go forward. We have since attracted the attention and help of a heavy hitting management firm and have just completed a 7 song live performance video for concert promoters. We’re also about to film another video with a much better understanding of how to make it more universally appealing and affective for building more success. You bet we’ll be using HIP to promote it when it is finished. Best part, we have been able to to do all of this at a budget less than it would have cost to just try out triple A rock radio. To sum things up, we were frustrated before coming to HIP, but since we now seeing a sustainable pathway to a bright future. I don’t know what else to say except, HIP rocks and Andy Gesner rocks even harder!”
AV Super Sunshine

“Andy Gesner is not only a consummate professional, he takes on projects with a unique and infectious enthusiasm that makes the video promotion campaign fun. A musician himself, he knows and understands the musician’s journey and has a wonderful passion for creatively promoting Independent Artists. During my campaign, he generously gave his time, business advice and support. It was exciting to have HIP Video Promo garner airplay from send outs to an extensive list of outlets as well as create a social media buzz around my music. I look forward to working with Andy and his Team again on the next project!”
Robyn McCorquodale